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Women Of The Year Award Nomination

10 Oct 2022

We are proud to announce our CEO Naima Ben-moussa ' Lady In Red Plasterer ' has been handpicked and nominated to attend the Women of the year Lunch and awards, hence being classed as ‘A Woman of the Year’.

“The Women of the Year Lunch and Awards is one of the most significant gatherings of extraordinary women in the world. Strictly invitation only – every single guest is ‘handpicked’ in recognition of their personal contribution to society.”

This is a memorable title for Naima, the Rebuilding Lives Uk charity and all those working behind the scenes to help us on our mission of Rebuilding the Lives of Survivors of Domestic Abuse.

A huge thank you goes out to our donors, trustees, volunteers, sponsors and to those who’s support has made this all possible.

All your contributions are hugely appreciated and this is an incredible title for not only us as a charity but to all those individuals who’ve stepped up in any way they can to make a change and help the survivors we work with.

Naima herself having been on a journey to rebuild her life, and now being nominated as a woman of the year is also a message that goes out to all survivors.

It is a reminder that the opportunity to rebuild your life as a survivor is not at all out of reach. It is a reminder to believe in your potential and the capabilities you hold to rewrite your story. Your past does not define you and the opportunity to have a better and brighter future for yourself is not only feasible for Naima but for you too.

Working together we can make a change and this is what our charity is about. Together we are Rebuilding Lives.

Rebuilding Lives Uk.

Empowering Survivors of Domestic Abuse.






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