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Tuff Waterproofing launches polyurethane-based roofing system for commercial market

11 Jul 2019
Tuff Waterproofing
Tuff Tech Pro UV
Tuff Waterproofing, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of heavy-duty GRP waterproof flat roofing, has launched a new polyurethane-based system offering a combination of fast installation, ease of use and high performance which is ideal for the commercial market.

Featured on Tuff Waterproofing’s stand (B492), Tuff Tech Pro VP/UV is a durable, completely seamless waterproof encapsulating membrane which is ideal for new or existing flat roofs, walkways, balconies and gutters. Its advanced fast-curing formulation is quick and easy to apply, significantly reducing time and labour on site. Available with installation training on request, the product is non-hazardous and can be applied in damp atmosphere.

Tuff Tech Pro VP/UV is completely dry within eight hours and fully cured within 24 hours to form a totally waterproof membrane across the whole of the application area.  Brush or roller applied, the solution is designed for excellent adhesion to a range of substrates, including   bitumen membranes, asphalt, metals, brick and concrete. It has excellent wetting out and moulding capabilities to accommodate complex shapes and details. Roof penetrations, ventilation and cooling plant can all be sealed and new plant can be easily accommodated.

Greg Gimenez, Managing Director of Tuff Waterproofing, explained the product’s design concept:

“Whereas our established TuffStuff GRP roofing is designed for new OSB timber boards and overlay systems, Tuff Tech Pro VP/UV is aimed mainly at the commercial market. It is a cost-effective system for contractors and trade professionals in need of time-efficient solutions which minimise site disruption and avoid delays caused by adverse weather – the product can serve year-round construction schedules. Tuff Tech Pro VP/UV offers many of the advanced performance features which have helped to make TuffStuff one of the UK’s leading brands of its type, including vapour permeability, flexibility throughout its service life and a totally seamless barrier with no welds or joints. Like our acclaimed TuffStuff range, Tuff Tech Pro VP/UV is cold-applied, with no heat used during installation, and has built-in solar reflectivity, providing excellent thermal and UV stability for all climatic conditions.”

A Tuff Tech Pro VP/UV is a high-build, elastomeric, moisture-triggered polyurethane membrane comprising three layers of advanced polyurethanes incorporating a separate technically advanced reinforcement layer. It can be recoated at any time prior to the end of its maintenance life, thus extending its working life indefinitely.

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