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Towards Zero Pollution

15 Jul 2019
Radio Data Networks Press Office
Helping the World Work Towards Zero Pollutions
Radio Data Nwtworks innovative Approach to Reducing Sewage and Plastics in the Oceans

Everyday thousands of tons of plastics and raw sewage are spilt globally into the oceans through our drains and sewers. The primary cause of the spills are blockages and overloads.

Radio Data Networks, who’s Founder and MD is part of the IET Global Challenge, has himself strived to develop technology to facilitate the real-time sensing of these blockages and spills and thereby enable their mitigation. Further, they have invested considerable time and resources into technology that can retrofitted into drainage and sewer networks to regulate flows and to capture spills at overflows.

Their cause is mammoth, however every little counts and they believe that their work penny for penny has far greater positive impact than sending out ships to trawl the oceans once the plastics have been spilt.

Please join us in the Global Challenge to rid the oceans of spilt plastics and sewage, either by adopting our technology of by spreading the word that something can be done at source rather than once it is too late.

RDN Press Office July 2019

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