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The interoperability of public EV charging network in the UK by REA | Construction Buzz #207

07 Mar 2019

The REA, who represent over 70 companies financing, manufacturing, installing, and operating the transition to an electric vehicle future, has launched a new report on the interoperability of public charging infrastructure. This crucial issue touches on all those involved with fleets, with property management, in local authority tenders for EV charging and those wishing to purchase an electric vehicle themselves.

In a nutshell, the report outlines that if the range of charging networks used common communications protocols and standards a range of ‘advanced services’ could emerge, such as pre-booking charge points, being able to see live status updates of chargers across networks, and potentially have one’s vehicle charge and manage payments without the need for a card or app. It would also reduce the complexity of charging using public infrastructure in the UK, which would remove an important barrier to adoption for fleets and the mass consumer market.

The report makes clear recommendations, ahead expected recommendations from the Government’s EV Energy Taskforce and new legislation stemming from the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act, around how to take this important issue forward and around how an industry-led approach should lead the way.

View Full Report Here

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