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The digital building platform - Enköping first in Sweden

10 Jul 2019
Norrtälje based construction company Cobab is the first in Sweden to use the platform that already has revolutionized construction in Finland.

Emil Uleander from Cobab is the site manager at the bathhouse construction project Familjebad Enköping. He confirms that the control documents at construction sites were previously managed through Excel files. In this large scale project however, Cobab dared to test something that was completely new in Sweden, the completely digital solution Congrid:

“We have used Congrid from the very beginning in this project. We made a matrix of all work tasks and what controls we should do. From those we make quality checks at the respective work phases. It’s completely digital, we have it both on the computer, in the office and on tablets out on the field”.

Emil Uleanders story is confirmed when we come out on the building site and see how the supervisors walk around with their tablets:

“By using Congrid, we save a lot of time. Above all, we don’t need to run in and out to do the controls between the site and the office. The controls are made out here”, Emil continues.

In addition to controls and quality checks, Congrid is used for work preparations, building diary, activities, notes and workforce record keeping. The information from the previous day is copied and adjustments are made according to that day’s events.

Congrid has long been a fully established platform on the Finnish market, but it took a few years before it was launched on the Swedish market.

The construction industry does not tend to be particularly inclined to change, but Caroline Andersson, KMA coordinator at Cobab was early to see Congrid’s potential. She describes how many employees, especially the elderly, have not earlier been comfortable working with a screen but how even the older employees at the bath house project in Enköping, for example a 64-year-old supervisor, with simplicity started using Congrid:

“Congrid is very user friendly and has many features that we wanted so it would be easier to follow up on projects. In addition, Congrid been very responsive to how we wanted to work, so the platform felt like a pretty given choice”.

And on the question if Cobab will keep on using Congrid in the future?

“We have started to implement it gradually in several projects and hope that it can become something that we use long-term. I, who work across the whole company, really see positive aspects in us being able to work uniformly across the company with our quality controls and our follow-up”, concludes Caroline Andersson.

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