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27 Jun 2019
Teletrac Navman, at the forefront of telematics technology for more than 25 years, has won a contract with Kier Group, a leading infrastructure services, buildings and developments & housing group

The construction giant signed the contract to utilise Teletrac Navman’s market-leading DIRECTOR platform, that connects with 3,200 HGVs and LCVs in the diverse fleet at Kier.  


Kier is set to benefit from a range of cutting-edge tools through the DIRECTOR platform, including a tracking device, which shares vital information such as location, speed, utilisation and time spent on site. This enables the business to closely monitor and optimise fleet to ensure projects are delivered cost efficiently. Kier is committed to reducing vehicle related emissions as a part of a Group 30 by 30 strategy, to reduce Kier emissions by 30% by the year 2030.


DIRECTOR also allows Kier to monitor driver behaviour, providing data on braking, acceleration and cornering. Maintenance performance software will also automate processes such as service scheduling.


Peter Millichap, UK Marketing Director at Teletrac Navman, commented: “When speaking to Kier, it was clear the business needed an end-to-end overview of its fleet in order to make informed decisions based on real-time data, which DIRECTOR provides through one easy-to-navigate interface. Kier has the exceptional ability to deliver multiple, complex and time-sensitive projects is exactly what its clients rely on, so we’re proud to provide a telematics platform that helps Kier achieve its construction goals.”


Anthony Parish, group fleet director of Kier, states: “As one of the UK’s largest fleets, we are pleased to be working with Teletrac Navman and its innovative DIRECTOR platform. We are committed to providing the safest and most effective fleet that we can, and this new service provides useful intelligence and data that ensures we maintain a quality, proactive and reliable service.”

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