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FUTUREFORM - Innovative Off-Site Modular Building Solutions will be displaying the 2x Storey Module at UK Construction Week. New methods in construction are revolutionising the speed in which we build. Offsite construction can relieve the housing shortage and reduce the costs of building by reducing the time projects take. The whole industry will come together for UK Construction Week, and Offsite will be a very important theme within the event. Don't miss to see the 2x Storey Module by Futureform at UK Construction Week at Hall 4.

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More details about the 2x Storey Module display:

The system uses fully welded cold-rolled galvanized steel frameworks manufactured using roll-formers which fabricate individual members and panels to very tight tolerances. Cold formed steel has been selected as the best material available for modular structures to achieve precision in length and form as well as providing cost and weight advantages. Steel also offers the highest strength to weight ratio of any residential building material. 

The light gauge steel modules have been designed to be permanent structures and to comply with current UK Building Regulations and EU Standards. They can also be demounted and re-sited, refurbished or recycled over their life span. They are currently insulated, lined, clad and fitted out with products that are BBA or UKAS accredited.

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The typical weight of say a 1 bedroom apartment is approximately half of what it would be if constructed traditionally. Hence, foundations or load bearing support structures can be greatly reduced in terms of substance and cost. Each module is physically separated from surrounding modules. Vertically by a cavity and horizontally by an acoustic break. This detailing ensures exceptional sound reduction through separate demises, unlike other forms of construction where sound transmits through the structure.

The system has been reviewed by CML and ABI who are satisfied that the system complies with their normal requirements, subject to details of the overall development being approved. The system is therefore fully mortgageable and insurable.

The fact that the units are manufactured under controlled factory conditions means that they are safer than on-site construction according to the latest figures. Off-site construction also provides savings in on-site programme of between 40-60 % on average and utilization of development capital is therefore also significantly reduced.

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