UKCW 2018


Exova will have live installation demonstrations which will take place on their stand on each day at UK Construction Week.

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Exova stand will include a ‘full-scale’ simulated cross-corridor set-up which will be used to demonstrate best practice installation of passive fire protection measures. The objective is to help those with a responsibility for fire protection to understand the complexity of the installation process and the need to appoint suitably qualified and competent contractors to carry out such work.

Session 1: 12:00
Third party certified contractors ‘London Fire Solutions’ will install live on the stand a double fire doorset (including the frame, architraves, ironmongery and all of the associated fire-stopping materials (e.g. mineral wool, intumescents, mastics). The installation work, which will take around 60 minutes will be filmed and relayed to a 50 inch screen on the stand to a seated audience of 30, with a running commentary provided by Exova’s Senior Product Assessor Simon Bailey.

Session 2: 14:00
Following the lunch break, ‘London Fire Solutions’ will complete the exercise with the installation of the remaining passive fire protection measures, including service pipes and protective collars together with cables, cable trays and a fire batt. Ross Newman, who delivers Exova BM TRADA’s fire door and fire stopping installation training courses will provide detailed running commentary for this part of the demonstration.

At the end of both sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to:
• Have their questions answered by the team who will be on hand
• Examine the installation work and talk with the contractors.
• View a number of full-scale items including examples of a burnt fire door, three types of burnt fire resistant glazing, burnt structural steel and a burnt service pipe and collar
• Test their knowledge of fire doors by examining two seemingly identical specimens to determine which has been installed correctly and which has not

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