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FIBARO, the manufacturer of smart home devices, promises a ruthless fight against carbon monoxide. The FIBARO CO Sensor equipped with the concentration measurement graph function, which has just been introduced to the market, will save your life when the carbon monoxide level exceeds the norms. It will also alert you when the concentration of gas is scarce, but enough to slowly poison the family members.

The CO Sensor manufactured by FIBARO is innovative - it reacts even when the gas concentration is scarce but enough to slowly poison your family members. It is a real plague, especially during the heating season.

Carbon oxide is odorless, colorless and lighter than air. That's why it is so difficult to detect - says Krzysztof Banasiak, the Fibar Group board member - What is the most important to us is the safety of our customers. Our devices help to detect flooding or burglary attempts. Now comes the time to eliminate further threats.

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Fighting an invisible and a dangerous enemy is not easy. FIBARO found a way to eliminate that threat. The FIBARO CO Sensor continuously measures gas concentration and detects even the smallest amounts of carbon monoxide in the air, smaller than those regulated by the standards.
Prolonged exposure even to low concentrations of carbon monoxide is harmful to health. Most sensors only detect alert thresholds. Our sensor continuously monitors the condition of the air and can send a notification to your smartphone when low CO concentration is detected and once it detects a concentration that is a threat to life, it will start the alert - Krzysztof Banasiak emphasizes.

The device cooperates with other elements of the FIBARO smart home system. Upon detecting an increased gas concentration it may run specific, pre-programmed scenes and for example open windows or turn on the ventilating system.
The sensor's chassis is cylindrical in shape, with a diameter of 65 mm and a height of 28mm. Metal mesh encompasses its perimeter, allowing for the air to flow freely through the measuring system. The device can be easily mounted anywhere using screws or double-sided adhesive tape.

The FIBARO CO Sensor uses batteries as its power source. Upon taking it out of the box it operates entirely automatically and is a stand-alone element. It may operate as part of any system compatible with the Z-Wave standard.
This summer, the sensor will be also available in a version compatible with the Apple HomeKit ecosystem, which communicates wirelessly using the Bluetooth technology with Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and AppleTV devices.
The FIBARO CO Sensor is a life-saving device, therefore tests to conform compliance with the applicable requirements of the standard EN 50291-1:2010 are conducted by the BSI Group accredited testing laboratory. Each sensor is subject to continuous control, which covers routine product testing and the evaluation of manufacturing quality control processes.

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Fibar Group S.A. is an innovative company from Poland which operates in the IoT (Internet of Things) industry. In took them only six years from the very beginning of their work to become one of the world's leading brands, selling their products on international markets. Fibar Group S.A. controls the production and wholesale of elements of the FIBARO system which is one of the most advanced solutions of building automation currently available on the market. FIBARO is based on the Z-Wave technology – a method of communication which allows for a non-invasive installation in any house, apartment, or office. The system has a user-friendly, simple interface which will not be a problem even for beginners. FIBARO is a system which is being fully created, developed and produced in Poland. More information is at

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