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Product of the week: Rawlplug's R-KER ll – Hybrid Resin

23 May 2019

Hybrid bonded anchor

Efficiency and comfort of use, high technical parameters confirmed by recognised certificates and a wide range of applications with different rod types guarantee durable and secure anchoring. It is the needs of our clients that inspired us to develop the R-KER II.


The R-KER II has been designed for professionals, and in order to satisfy their needs, it was tested to confirm its top-class parameters. The following certificates have been consequently obtained: ETA, C1 validating the use of the R-KER II anchor in seismic territories, and certificates verifying its fire resistance, electric conductivity and content of VOC (volatile organic compounds). This is what makes the R-KER II perfect for application in severe operating conditions.


The innovative formula of the resin has made it possible to achieve some of the highest load capacity in the group of hybrid resins. R-KERII ensures the highest safety level of anchor fasteners thanks to improvement and acceleration of the hole preparation process. Using Dustless Drill with automatic suction drilling and cleaning the holes you do at the same time. Thanks to this, you achieve optimal preparation of the anchoring hole and save time needed to prepare the hole.


The special resin formulation allows achieve one of the best load capacities in relation to similar resins on the market.


The R-KER II anchors can be applied in a hole without cleaning, by means of the Dustless Drill Bit – which provides the following:

  • Drilling and cleaning holes at one time
  • Optimal preparation of the anchoring hole
  • Saves time needed to prepare the hole
  • Eliminating the risk associated with exposure to dust, reducing harmful dust. What becomes a requirement on construction sites in an increasing number of countries (eg OSHA recommendation in the USA or HSE in Great Britain)

rawlplug product of the week


• Curtain walling

• Balustrading

• Handrails

• Canopies

• Cable conduits and trays

• Fencing & gates manufacturing and installation

• Pipework/ductwork supports

• Platforms

• Pipelines systems

• Passenger lifts

• Safety barriers

• Formwork support systems

• Structural steelwork

• Street lamps

• Racking systems

• Barriers

• Cladding restraints



Approved for use in:

• Cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60

• Non-cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60



• Approved for use with threaded rods in cracked and non-cracked concrete

• Suitable for use in dry or wet substrates and water filled holes

• For faster curing winter version of the resin can be used

• Approved for 3 types of hole cleaning (including use of dustless drill bit)

• Special nozzle with longer mixer for more comfortable and precise application

• Suitable for multiple use. Partly used product can be reused after fitting new nozzle

• Very high load capacity


Website link – for more information and brochure downloads

60 second case study

rawlplug product of the week

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