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Phase 2 of Stoke housing upgrades due to start in September

24 Aug 2022
Structherm Ltd
Phase 1 Crosswall Properties After Refurbishment
With the cost of living increasing every day, we are all looking at ways to tighten our belts.

Residents in Stoke-on-Trent are now benefitting from significantly reduced fuel bills thanks to Structherm’s External Wall Insulation systems. Phase 1 of the refurbishment program was completed in July 2022 with phase 2 due to begin in September 2022.

The refurbishment works are part of a large retrofit scheme to upgrade the non-traditional Crosswall properties in Stoke-on-Trent and to increase their thermal efficiency.

Rationalised Traditional Construction (RAT-Trad) was developed as a form of construction in the 1960s but became common in the 1970’s and hence, is normally associated with this era.

As the name “Rationalised Traditional Construction” suggests, it’s a form of construction which incorporates both traditional and non-traditional methods.

Specifically, RAT-Trad Crosswall construction is different in so far as the end gables and separating party walls were built out of traditional block and brick construction whilst the front and often the rear elevations were typically formed from a non-traditional timber frame which was then boarded / sheathed using a variety of materials often including plywood or asbestos paneling. The major advantage of this construction was speed of build as only the gables and party walls needed to be built on-site. Layouts, dimensions and details of the infill panels could be standardised and prefabricated off-site. Certain existing timber frame non-traditional systems could be incorporated too. This meant the panels only required assembly on-site and the only additional site requirements after installation were the addition of glazing and doors. This resulted in a significant saving in both time and cost.

Crosswall properties present their own refurbishment challenges. The separating party walls and end gable walls are usually structurally sound however the front and rear elevations are weaker timber frame infill panels which are not designed to be load-bearing, move excessively under lateral wind loads and also suffer from significant air leakage.

Structherm’s Hybrid system is the perfect solution to reduce cold bridging and increase thermal efficiency. The system comprises of Structherm’s unique Structural External Wall Insulation which is installed to strengthen and stabalise the timber framed areas and a standard External Wall Insulation installed on the structurally sound gables and party walls.

Phase 2 is due to start in September with further crosswall properties getting a full refurbishment with Structherm’s Hybrid system, in line with the PAS2035 standards, increasing the U-value of the timber frame areas from  2.03W/m2K to 0.19W/m2K. The works will also include new roofs, cavity wall insulation, new doors and windows and new soffits and guttering as part of a whole house retrofit. The gables and party walls will match the existing brickwork by use of Structherm’s Artbrick brick effect render with the timber panelled areas being a bright silicone render.

By renovating and insulating a property, landlords can increase the value of their housing stock, cut energy bills by up to 40% and make a very positive impact on the quality of life for their tenants.

Speak with Structherm to find out how they can assist with reducing energy bills and improve your properties                 Tel: 01484 850 098                           Email:

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