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Operational Efficiency for Northern Gas Networks

21 Feb 2019
Mark Lisgo
Manage projects, people, qualifications, assets and H&S and even paperwork...all from a single dashboard. Giving you ultimate insight and control over the exposure and risk that could affect your business.
From Paper based to Database, this is how Ctrl Hub helped Northern Gas Networks to digitise their work flows and deliver enormous savings.

Initial Relationship with NGN

Ctrl Hub initially implemented a workforce, fleet, asset and project management system to enable NGN to have full visibility and assurance across its entire sub-contractor supply chain. 

As the relationship evolved we added NGN’s own direct labour force, assets and fleet onto the system.  We have built forms and functionality for the capital projects and customer care teams.

Ctrl Hub has automated all previously paper forms, replicating the look and feel of the forms to aid adoption in the field. All workflows or form processing protocols were built to sit behind each form. This ensures accurate in field data capture, appropriate approvals and permanent data storage.

We have developed Safety Technical Competence and are now looking at Safe Control of Operations features. Relevant certifications are assessed, automatically generated, and appropriately authorised within Ctrl Hub, providing HSE assurance.  We are also working on a more generic competence assessment monitoring framework.


Implementation and Roll out. 

 From 3 January 2017 to early March 2017, Ctrl Hub was rolled out across NGN’s direct service provider network, and NGN’s own internal teams.  The training was delivered by Ctrl Hub staff working in conjunction with NGN training teams.  


Major Industry Challenges

The gas industry is facing a number of major challenges:

  • Health & Safety Assurance
  • Effective Contractor Management
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Accurate in-field data capture
  • Customer Satisfaction

Ctrl Hub has been purpose built to address these challenges.  It is an agile, modular platform that has been designed to adapt and evolve very quickly to new issues as they arise.

Ctrl Hub provides real time health and safety assurance across operations and contractor supply chain to highlight risk areas and non-compliance. It gives full transparency through the supply chain and enables access and reporting of data in real time. This information can be used to report on key HSE and regulatory requirements such as HAVs exposure, supply on-off times and STCs.

Ctrl Hub is a secure and centralised platform for capturing and sharing information across operations. Common data capture templates and streamlined workflows ensures a consistent and efficient approach to managing complex operations across multiple organisations or divisions.

The intuitive Ctrl Hub platform together with touch screen completion and submission of forms, instant access to manuals, plans and other reference materials allows operatives to easily access and navigate Ctrl Hub even if they are a novice technology user. The easy to use interface ensures system uptake and higher productivity and allows field-based teams to spend more time on the task at hand. 

Field based operative’s access and operate Ctrl Hub remotely via a tablet or smart device. Data is received and submitted directly in real time. This information is then instantly accessible for management and support teams across the organisation in real time.

All data capture forms are stored within the form’s library, instantly accessible by the mobile workforce. Easy-to-use pre-populated, drop down menus save operatives time on site, reduce error in form completion and increase the validity and consistency of data captured. Once completed, forms can then be automatically submitted in real time to the appropriate line manager or supervisor for approval via Ctrl Hub. This information is then permanently stored.

Work or task instructions can be despatched to remote teams out in the field and these instructions can be linked to people, teams, project and asset records.  Again, such information is permanently stored. Field based teams can be alerted to any planned or reactive work instructions via the mobile devices. This ensures that field-based operatives are aware of what tasks and activities need to be carried out and by when. Management teams are also updated via Ctrl Hub on what tasks are in progress, overdue or incomplete.  Site managers can review forms, photographs and videos from their desks, and give relevant approvals.

A custom built GSOP reporting process for Northern Gas Networks was implemented with the ability for Customer Care Officers to automatically populate and manage customers and relevant data via Ctrl Hub. A customer interface module to seek to increase customer feedback scores is now also in development.


GSOP Reporting Process

The full GSOP reporting process for NGN covers purge and relight, gas / on off, vulnerable customers and reinstatement.  Information is automatically captured from NGN’s customer service system.  Forms are pre-populated.  Workflows provide for correct mandatory processes to be followed.



One of the major strengths of the Ctrl Hub platform is its agility. It is built in a modular fashion.  New modules, features and forms can be added very quickly and therefore at very low cost with subscriptions equating to a fraction of the price of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.  Ctrl Hub can make changes far quicker and considerably cheaper than ERP software – but can seamlessly integrate with ERP software to both download and upload required data.  Management reports and KPI information can be viewed in one place.  This provides an extremely cost effective overall solution to clients.



“Ctrl Hub is revolutionising the way that we work and how we manage our supply chain. The efficiencies it offers are fantastic.”

Sam Mannion - Northern Gas Networks

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