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New Colour: Argent Composite Slatted Cladding

05 Sep 2023
Ecoscape UK
Ecoscape Composite Slatted Cladding - Argent

A colour that beautifully marries the soothing qualities of blues with the versatile neutrality of greys. This unique fusion creates a hue that radiates tranquility, sophistication, and a touch of modernity, making it an ideal choice for a variety of design applications.

An eco-friendly, durable and low maintenance cladding created from a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibres. Our slatted cladding boasts a resilient polymer outer shell, encapsulating the board and forming an impervious layer. This protective shield effectively safeguards against scratches and fading, ensuring lasting charm and robust performance.

Available in two lengths - 2500mm & 3600mm for a seamless installation and customisation to suit your project's needs.

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