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Hughes and Salvidge are highly experienced in working on sites within a live, security-sensitive environment - such as a working on Ministry of Defence and Airport projects. We also have excellent experience of considering local residents, staff and any personnel who will be in close proximity to our site. 

When working on behalf of any client, we appreciate that we not only have our own reputation at stake, but that we are also acting as representatives for our client and therefore need to present a united and professional approach to communicating and liaising with all parties close to the site. We strive to establish and maintain good relationships and to keep inconvenience to a minimum. 

In order to achieve this, communication is key and Hughes and Salvidge work closely with the client from day one. Regardless of the type and location of the project, measures we implement to consider our surroundings include:

  • Prior to commencement on site, we formulate a letter which supplies details of the proposed works, programme and the contact details for the Hughes and Salvidge Office and the Site Supervisor. If required, we allocate a Site Liaison Officer (SLO) for the project and ensure details for this point of contact is listed within the letter. This letter is then circulated to all whom may be affected by the works. The SLO is appointed to act as a direct link between the contractor, the University and third parties. The SLO is involved in constant communication with residents including meetings, letters, newsletters and general information leaflets.
  • We provide means of contact by telephone direct to Site Manager or via Head Office - telephone numbers are provided at the site entrance.
  • Hughes and Salvidge register the site with the Considerate Constructors Scheme which is designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements. We are very experienced at working under the Considerate Constructors Scheme and embrace the five key expectations of the scheme - enhancing appearance, respecting the community, protecting the environment, securing safety and caring for the workforce.
  • All personnel will have correct clearance to work on MOD property
  • Site operatives take part in toolbox talks on how to address local people should they be approached.
  • 24-hour security is used to protect the site and prevent intrusion.
  • Noise, dust and vibration are monitored to ensure acceptable levels.
  • Maintaining a clean and tidy site are also key factors in the successful delivery of works on any demolition site. The surrounding area will be kept clean and tidy at all times.  Measures such as road cleaning will be actioned if required.
  • Site Specific Website/ Newsletters can be established that contain information such as key dates, site operating hours, progress report and contact details for further information.
  • Any complaints are noted in the site diary for reporting and discussion at progress and co-ordination meetings. Any corrective actions required as a result of complaints are recorded and dealt with to the satisfaction of the complainant as far as is reasonably practicable.

We have completed hundreds of projects over the last 5 years, ranging in price from £10,000 to £4.5 million. Please find following a sample of case studies of MOD from recent years. In all cases, we carry out the work and rarely sub-contract:

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