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Lumena's Timber Solar Bollards Perfect for Cadeby Homes Site

05 Sep 2023
Ben Courtney
The Solar 'Radiata Edisol' Timber Path Light by Lumena
A smart new Cadeby Homes housing development near Leicester has the perfect sustainable solution installed. Twenty-two solar bollard lights were specified by Street Furnishings Ltd. The planners required lighting with a rustic edge to compliment the rural surroundings. They were also looking for a sustainable option.

After learning more about the benefits of solar lighting and considering the location in detail, the amazing ‘Radiata Edisol‘ was the final choice for the client. These innovative timber solar bollard lights were to run along a footpath and nature trail around the housing, and next to the nearby fields. It was great to see the smart post lights in this setting where nature and sustainability were in-tune with the housing. A small lake ran in the middle of a raised green area, looked upon by the houses at a higher level. Around the edge of the pathway were wild flowers with a ‘wild meadow’ feel.

Importantly, ‘going solar’ meant minimal disruption and upheaval to the local area during the installation of the lights. Deep trenches didn’t need to be dug to run mains cabling from the road. In addition, solar running costs are zero, and ongoing maintenance is minimal and less expensive.                                                              

So let’s look closer at the product in question…

We love to innovate at Lumena, so we combined one of our smartest Solar path lights, the Edisol, into a heavy duty timber post.

Previously, we had incorporated 240v and 12v lights into solid pine posts and sleepers in the Radiata Range

With an already successful solar bollard range, it made sense to create the UK’s first Timber Solar path lights! The Radiata pine is pressure treated to makes sure that it lasts for longer in all weather environments. The timber has an expected life of 15 years and is sustainably sourced. It’s used due to its low split properties and no feathering. The wood is fully treated and sanded down to give a smooth, top quality finish. It’s penetrated by the latest generation wood preservative, in accordance with BS8417 to meet Use Class 4. Sourced and CNC machined by a top FSC certified timber supplier.

The standard ‘Edisol’ solar bollard lights are so called due to what appears to be a modern Edison Screw Lamp behind a tough diffuser. It is in fact a low voltage Edison Screw LED lamp, powered by the inbuilt solar panel and lithium batteries. Variations include, warm or daylight white and the light itself in a black or silver finish. They are guaranteed for FIVE YEARS with an expected battery life of 8-10 years. 

Another function of the Radiata Edisol solar path lights important to the development, was the choice of the warm white option.

Warm white emits less blue light so is much better for nocturnal wildlife such as bats. When darkness falls, the solar path light will illuminate at full brightness, and then follow a gradual dimming sequence until it reaches 30% brightness after 5 hours. From then on it will remain at 30% until dawn. Even in the dullest of weather, our solar lights will still illuminate.

As you can see, the light has been incorporated into a solid timber post, mounted up to 400mm in-ground. This is the ultimate in sustainable path lighting, possibly the most sustainable path lights in the UK. They mix all the efficiency of Lumena’s Pro Solar Range with the durable quality of natural timber.

Have a look online for the full range of solar path lights now!

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