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Looking to automate your customer Journey?

28 Sep 2021
Dorne Wood
One of the most popular functions of a CRM system is automation: the ability to save time and create consistency for your leads and buyers throughout the sales process. Using and setting up the customer journeys module is worth the initial time and effort

The first customer journey we suggest automating is the ‘enquiry acknowledgment’ email. This is the email sent out after a new lead comes in through your website or a property portal for example. You may prefer to have separate email templates depending on the lead’s origination, but the template emails will be very similar. (If you’d like to know more about email templates and online forms, we’ll be covering this in our next post.)

To set up a customer journey email there are only three simple steps:

- assign a trigger

- create an action

- select the email template.

The trigger in this case is would be the contact record creation; the action is an enquiry acknowledgement email and the template will be the one you have built for this situation. Once this journey is created and set to active it will automatically email all new leads with an enquiry acknowledgement. 

Once you have the initial enquiry set up in customer journeys, creating the rest of the automated interactions you want throughout the sales process is the next logical step, these could include appointment confirmation dates and times via email, follow-up email reminders, paperwork requests or reservation status changes. 

Automation isn’t here to take the place of one-to-one contact over the phone or in person, but to make more time for your team to have more of those interactions so crucial to the new homes’ sales process. Just imagine all the time that can be saved and put towards those all-important one-to-one interactions. 

If you have any questions, just want a bit of advice regarding your customer journeys or would like to add the module to your ContactBuilder set up, contact your account manager and they will be more than happy to help.

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