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Logical Major Projects

As always, major projects will require large teams with the right skillsets. Logical has worked on Staythorpe Power Station, Heathrow T5 and Westfield Shopping Centre – all major projects with different demands and requiring a tailored approach. Our understanding of clients’ needs and the bespoke training solutions we make available to all contractors mean we can deliver the skills required...

With half of the UK’s nuclear reactors due to be decommissioned by the mid-2020s, new-build nuclear power stations will be needed to replace this capacity. The skills needed to work on a new-build nuclear site are extensive – as are the certifications. We have built a strong roster of candidates with the right skills and qualifications and have supplied skilled workers to Hinkley C since 2016, with more than 400 of our workers on site at any one time. When we started work there, the demand for groundworkers and plant operators outstripped supply. Addressing skills gaps such as these is key to Logical’s offering.

Major projects also offer logistical challenges. Hundreds or thousands of workers may need to come together for such projects. This brings issues around accommodation and travel. Logical has developed a strong support system, one that provides security and peace of mind for its contractors and their families, but one that also relieves project operators of a major HR burden.

Logical maintains an open and honest policy for pay rates and benefits. This assures project owners of consistency in their team rather than a constant turnover of agency staff. Major projects are competitive and undercutting or attempted poaching of contractors are commonplace. Our policies on pay rates and benefits, including an excellent death-in-service cover and other employee-related bonuses, further increases contractor loyalty and improves the quality of service supplied to clients.

Major projects require lengthy commitments – and we can deliver. Some members of our team have been working at Hinkley for more than six years and are valued members of the workforce. A number of new-build nuclear projects are imminent around the UK and Logical offers both the skills and experience these projects will need.

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