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Just Four Months Until New Septic Tank Regulations in England & Wales Deadline

22 Aug 2019
Valerie Malenfant
Are you aware that from January 1, 2020, the new septic tank regulations will be in place for England and Wales?

All septic tank types that discharge to surface water will require either upgrading or replacement with a sewage treatment plant.

Under the new code of practice by the Environment Agency, homeowners are responsible for the installation and required maintenance of the sewage treatment system on their property, and to limit its impact on the local environment.

The goal is to significantly reduce the level of pollution currently present in national waterways through better control and regulation of discharge requirements to a watercourse. This upgrade to your sewage treatment system must be in place by January 1, 2020, or when you sell the property (if selling before this date).

If buying or selling a property before the 2020 deadline, you are legally required to inform any potential buyers in writing if the property has a septic tank as well as provide all information regarding maintenance requirements and the location of the system.

The Environmental Agency will carry out inspections to enforce the adoption of the new rules. If found to be currently polluting surface water due to discharge from a septic tank, you will be required to install a new system before the deadline.

Any system installed before 1983, prior and the establishment of current standards will most likely need replacement. An existing unit requires the following to be compliant;

  • CE certificate
  • Compliance with BS standards
  • Unit and soakaway system to have been installed correctly
  • Regular maintenance and emptying

If unsure, Tricel provides free consultations and expert advice, as well as the supply of fully certified products that meet all required regulatory standards.

With a wide network of professional and recognised installers as well as free commissioning, we can ensure both regulatory compliance and peace of mind.


About Tricel

Tricel is one of the largest manufacturers of sewage treatment plants in Europe and regarded by regulators as the standard setters within the industry.

We offer a complete range of innovative and leading solutions that our customers can trust.

For additional information about the 2020 changes to the septic tank regulations, visit

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