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IPM Group Launch the Future of Combined Access Control and Site Security

IPM Group

By now, you will have probably heard about inteliPod, the world’s first patent-pending, 100% touch-free access control system. First launched back in September, now being rolled out across the length of the country to protect construction sites from the very real threat we now face. This one-of-a-kind touchless access control system with facial recognition, temperature screening, anti-virus technology, and a wealth of other unique features, including time & attendance monitoring and pre-enrolments is set to be an integral part of forward-thinking organisations to both manage the current threat of Covid-19 and also streamline their access control needs, reducing the need to have excess personnel on-site and using outdated systems that work independently from each other, often causing extra cost and delays.

As part of inteliPod’s offering, and now a standalone feature of its own, IPM Group have paved the way for a fully remote access and security control with its unique Virtual Management Solution (VMS). From their state-of-the-art control centre, VMS offers a remote site solution that is a fully automated first point of contact for your site employees, visitors and deliveries. The VMS system is designed to streamline the process of access and security control. It will communicate all site safety-critical events detected such as high-temperature alerts, panic alarm activations, tailgating and intruder alarms straight through to the dedicated VMS team in the control centre for the necessary action to be taken. VMS also deals with site pre-enrolments, delivery management and health & safety issues. This reduces the need for onsite personal, providing huge cost-saving potential to organisations that have previously relied on onsite security guards.

In addition to VMS, IPM Group also provide a range of intelligent security products – better known as inteliSec. These state-of-the-art products, including fully wireless CCTV systems and CCTV towers with in-built analytical detection provide organisations with an extensive level of protection. InteliSec systems incorporate thermal imaging cameras, coupled with its Home Office approved analytical detection means they can detect human and vehicle movement from long distances, with an accuracy of 99.8%.

What’s more impressive, inteliSec also utilises IPM Group’s VMS. This means there is always someone on hand monitoring the security feeds from their state-of-the-art monitoring station. If an alarm is triggered, the highly trained and experienced monitoring personnel will act swiftly to deal with the threat. This can include a verbal challenge – often enough to warn off any potential intruder before they make it onto site – or calling the police, or any other pre-determined response as set out be the organisation.

With incorporating inteliPod and inteliSec, it’s not hard to see why many companies are now opting for this 360° fully managed security and access solution.

Further to the dedication of IPM to provide a one-stop-shop for all construction site security needs, inteliFire has recently been launched to also provide onsite fire and emergency management. This fully wireless monitoring system provides sites with multiple alarm points creating 24/7 coverage and monitoring, allowing essential messages regarding fire and medical emergencies to get the right people, fast. This provides a much faster and safter way of protecting staff, contractors and property.

inteliFire also comes ready to be utilised alongside inteliSec, with any alarm or emergency can be fully managed by VMS. This reduces the need for onsite personal to resolve any issues. Instead, the highly trained VMS operative can deal with the situation immediately and plan the appropriate course of action.

IPM continues to push the boundaries of construction security and access management. For further information on the extensive range of products, including inteliPod, inteliSec, intelidFire and VMS, please visit their website at


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