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Introducing EASYClickBase: This Changes Everything

14 Mar 2022
Tom Pearson
Cut prep time in half with EASYClickBase
Best known for EASYJoint, the all-weather jointing compound, Azpects are proud to introduce a revolutionary new way to create paths, patios, and driveways. Cut prep time in half with EASYClickBase!

Traditional methods of laying paving and driveways require substantial excavation and subsequent costly disposal of waste materials, plus the import of expensive aggregates. EASYClickBase is a synthetic sub-base that significantly reduces the need for excavation and backfilling; saving time, money and aggregate. 

A 60m2 domestic vehicular driveway would traditionally require the excavation of 15 tonnes of soil and the import of 20 - 30 tonnes of sand and fine aggregates. Comparatively, EASYClickBase requires the excavation of 2-4 tonnes and 5 tonnes of replacement aggregate1. Early adopters have reported trimming at least one day of labour from the expected completion time.  

EASYClickBase also replaces the conventional full mortar laying bed. Thin surface dressings such as porcelain tiles can be glued directly to the sub-base, while block paving can be laid on a layer of bedding sand. EASYClickBase is made from 100% recycled plastic and has the potential to significantly reduce the environmental impact of hard landscaping projects. 

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