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Innovative manufacturers back BBA Certification

Innovative construction product manufacturers continue to benefit from the reassurance of BBA Certification, with Metra Non-Ferrous Metals and Sika Liquid Plastics both gaining the recognition before launching advanced new products.

The manufacturers identified gaps in the market and invested in research and development to bring their innovative solutions – Metra’s METZ Super Safe Flashing and Sika’s Sikalastic 650 – to market. Gavin White, product manager at Sika Liquid Plastics, explained why BBA Certification was important: “Certifying product with the BBA is a mark of quality and gives the customer extra re-assurance when specifying the product. It also protects the quality standard in the industry and helps to restrict the use of substandard products on professional construction projects.”

Having marketed the product safe in the knowledge that it had passed all the required tests, Metra Managing Director Trevor Goodey said: “The BBA application and testing process was a very smooth and rewarding experience, with good assistance all the way through. We couldn’t have asked for more support in launching our innovation to the market.”

Metra’s METZ Super Safe Flashing was developed to fulfill demand for a lead-replacement zinc alloy strong enough to use as a flashing material but soft and malleable enough to be formed like lead and - importantly - with none of the health and safety issues associated with lead.

The next step for Metra post-development was to ensure the new product found acceptance in the market with end users and clients, allowing them to promote it with absolute confidence. To achieve this the company needed the expert, independent assessment and certification provided by the BBA.

The flashing was tested for product performance including tensile strength, resistance, elongation, effects of heat and UV ageing, water exposure, salt spray and impact resistance. As with all BBA Agrément Certificates, the manufacturing process was evaluated by BBA Audit & Inspection’s Manufacturing System Assessors (MSAs), including methods adopted for quality control and details of the quality and composition of the materials used.

For Sika Liquid Plastics, which produces high performance, technologically advanced coatings and membranes for the protection and waterproofing of roofs and balconies, the challenge was to develop an odourless waterproofing solution. It achieved this with Sikalastic 650, which emits virtually no odour, making it ideal for use on roofs of occupied buildings such as hospitals, food manufacturing plants and schools.

Sika Liquid Plastics already had a close working relationship with the BBA and knew the value of the BBA’s expert testing, assessment and certification processes. It also knew the considerable advantages of BBA certification.

Tests for Sikalastic 650 were carried out by BBA Test Services to determine water vapour transmission and watertightness, tensile strength and elongation, dynamic and static indentation plus resistance to heat, UV, water ageing and fatigue movement. Existing data on external fire performance and reaction were also evaluated and visits carried out in conjunction with the BBA Management System Assessors.

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