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The Gaiety Theatre

26 Jun 2019
Carole Lawlor
Gaiety Theatre, Dublin
ATC Puma High Speed Hand Dryers

 For 146 years, through times of war and times of afluence, The Gaiety Theatre has remained a vital and ever changing expression of Irish culture and Irish society, giving the people of Dublin opera, musicals, drama, comedy, concerts, dance, festivals and pantomime.

During the refurbishment in 2018, the Theatre had a requirement to upgrade the traditional and old fashioned Hand Dryers and Paper Towel Dispensers in all washrooms. These were replaced by the Puma high speed hand dryers which have a powerful output, dry hands quickly and quietly with a decibel level of only 70db.

Product Criteria:

  • High performance Hand Dryers suitable for a busy washroom.
  • An energy efficient alternative to existing Hand Dryers and Paper Towels.
  • Low running costs with minimal maintenance required.
  • Low noise level to minimise interruptions in the Theatre.

Product Evaluated and Chosen:

The ATC Puma High Speed Hand Dryers provided the Theatre with the criteria which is a small hand dryer with a big performance.

These low wattage 1150w / 500w hand dryers have shown signicant cost savings to the Theatre over Paper Towels and traditional Hand Dryers that were previously used.

In addition, the powerful airflow offers high performance, drying hands in just 15 seconds to ensure the patrons don’t miss any of the real performance on stage!

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