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27 Apr 2024

fibo Collect : The Impact of fibo Collect for Early Adopters in the UK

fibo Collect UK Limited Stand: CE349
fibo Collect : The Impact of fibo Collect for Early Adopters in the UK
The First Drive thru Concrete, Mortar and Screed Solution In The UK
Celebrating One Year of Innovation: The Impact of fibo Collect for Early Adopters

Over the past 12 months the story of a pioneering new click and collect concept within the UK construction sector has been building momentum. fibo Collect is the click & collect solution for ready to use concrete, mortar and screed that made its UK first debut in Feb 2023. This service has not only defied conventional industry expectations but has also presented a more efficient and environmentally friendly purchasing option for its users. Equally important, fibo Collect heralds a lucrative business model that provides its early adopters with a unique competitive edge in a market where differentiation is key.

Today we’re excited to share an insightful update and comprehensive business review of the UK's and Ireland’s ground-breaking click & collect service. This update offers readers a detailed narrative on the progress, achievements, and pioneering efforts that have shaped this innovative solution for businesses across the nation.

fibo Collect: A Seamless Service Model

Landscapers, builders, DIY enthusiasts and groundworkers often grapple with the cumbersome task of getting small quantities of concrete, mortar, or screed to site. Traditional approaches present a trio of challenges: the time-consuming (and expensive) process of on-site mixing, substantial minimum order requirements along with uncertain timeslots imposed by local delivery suppliers, and the extensive waiting periods at local ready-mix plants which are built for mass production.

fibo Collect emerges in this space as a game-changing solution designed to streamline this process. The system comprises of an automated batching plant, equipped with self-cleaning technology, enabling its users to easily order varying amounts of concrete, mortar, or screed with just a simple push of a button. Offering flexibility with orders starting from as little as 0.2m3 and a choice of up to 60 recipes. Learn more about fibo Collect by visiting :

The fibo Collect system empowers customers to swiftly mix, pour, and dispense small volumes of product whilst they are on the move to jobs meaning they can cut set up times down from hours to minutes. This in effect gives vendors a strong unique selling proposition (USP) that attracts new clientele.

The Simple, Efficient Process

fibo Collect's operation is versatile, supporting payment options such as contactless card and RFID tag services. However, most UK customers so for have favoured a simple three-step process for ease of use:

1. Customers place their order at a counter, receiving a barcode for their transaction.

2.  They then position their vehicle—or a suitable container—beneath the conveyor belt and adjust the belt's height as needed.

3.  Finally, by scanning their barcode at the fibo Collect touchscreen terminal, the mixing process is activated instantly.

This efficient system ensures that, for the majority of small load requirements, the mixing and pouring process is completed in under five minutes. Customers have the convenience of offloading their concrete, mortar, or screed either on a trailer, a flatbed truck, or directly into a mortar tub which can then be easily transported from the branch.

Milestones Since Launch: A Timeline of Transformation

The past year has witnessed a remarkable adoption rate amongst a pioneering group of independent businesses. See timeline summary below :

  • January 2023 : Concept launches into the UK market
  • Feb 2023 : Thorncliffe Building Supplies launch fibo Collect at Ewloe branch in North Wales
  • June 2023 : Thorncliffe Building Supplies launch fibo Collect at Dyserth branch in North Wales
  • August 2023 : Carvers Building Supplies launch fibo Collect at Wolverhampton branch.
  • September 2023 : Cartmore Building Supplies launch fibo Collect at Loch Gelly branch.
  • October 2023 : Palmer Nurseries launch fibo Collect at Leeds branch (First one in the UK to adopt completely automated payment methods).
  • November 2023 : Concept launches into Ireland market
  • February 2024 : LBS Builders Merchant launch fibo Collect at Ammanford branch in South Wales.
  • April 2024 : JTD Building Supplies install fibo Collect at their branch in Huddersfield.

With more installations and launches planned for summer 2024.

Realising the Benefits: Enhanced User Experience

With its user-centric approach the new click and collect service provides significant benefits to its end users by optimising efficiency, convenience, and quality. Here's a closer look at the advantages this new innovative service offers:

·                Cost-Effectiveness: Customers appreciate the pay-per-use model, which ensures they only invest in the exact quantity of material needed, eliminating waste and reducing expenses.

·                Time Efficiency: The service eliminates the need for hours of time wasted mixing on site or waiting time for local delivery / ready mix option.

·                Simplicity: The hassle-free nature of the service allows customers to simply arrive and collect their order without the need for prior booking, simplifying logistics.

·                Convenient Collection: The ability to collect alongside other purchases offers unparalleled convenience, enabling customers to efficiently manage their procurement trips.

·                Flexibility in Order Size: Catering to diverse project scales, the service allows orders as small as 0.25m³ to as large as required, accommodating all types of construction needs.

·                Varied Mix Options: Offering a selection of concrete, mortar, and screed recipes, it meets a wide range of construction requirements.

·                Collection Adaptability: Whether loading directly onto a van or using a mortar tub for transport, the service accommodates various collection preferences.

·                Advanced Mixing Technology: Employing automated mixing technology, it guarantees consistency and high quality in every batch, with a cutting-edge control panel overseeing the mix process.

·                Customisable Additives: The service offers the flexibility to control the workability and setting time of materials, mortars can be retarded for up to 3 days.

End users of fibo Collect have reported significant improvements in efficiency and convenience. The flexibility to schedule collections as per their project timelines has drastically reduced downtime on sites, ensuring project continuity and enhanced productivity.

A Business Perspective: Achievements and Growth Indicators

The implementation of fibo Collect not only streamlines the purchasing process but also strategically enhances profitability through a tailored pricing strategy. By using price quantity breaks, builders' merchants are now able to secure higher sales margins on smaller collect quantities, while providing competitive pricing for larger volume purchases. This dual approach caters adeptly to diverse customer needs, reinforcing the value proposition of the service.

It is crucial to recognize that the fibo Collect service is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each business case varies significantly, reflecting the unique dynamics of the local market and specific on-site requirements. Despite these variances, an evaluation of fibo Collect's return on investment (ROI) presents promising figures for most merchants, including an average margin per recipe ranging between 40% to 60% and an expected payback period of under three years. For a detailed ROI analysis tailored to your business, visit

Early adoption metrics are encouraging, underscoring the potential of fibo Collect:

·                The service has witnessed an average order size collection between 0.4m³ to 0.6m³.

·                A record-breaking day showcased 11.5m³ sold to collect customers.

·                Initial deployments in North Wales observed a consistent sales growth from repeat customers, achieving approximately 5m³ per day within the first 8 months at both sites.

·                Significant time savings have been reported, with customers collecting 0.25m³ of C20 concrete saving up to two hours previously spent on site mixing, alongside monetary savings exceeding £50 per transaction.

The diversity in recipes catered by the fibo Collect service highlights its adaptability to regional preferences. Analysis of machine sales over a three-month period revealed the top sold mix types as Concrete "kerb mix" (Dry C20/25), Mortar (4.1 design), and Floor screed (5.1 design). This adaptability not only demonstrates the service's flexibility but also its capability to meet specific construction needs.

Despite some initial concerns regarding the potential loss of raw material sales, feedback from the longest participating merchants indicates that the new business volume generated through the fibo Collect machine significantly outweighs any drawbacks. The service thus not only enhances operational efficiency but also opens new revenue streams for builders' merchants, fostering stronger customer retention rates and positioning them favourably in their local market.

Advancing Sustainability: A Commitment to the Environment

In the face of escalating environmental concerns, particularly the carbon footprint associated with cement waste and the heavy taxes levied on small quantity deliveries. The Click & Collect service model presents a forward-thinking alternative with notable environmental benefits for the sector. The manufacturer is conducting research to review how much this pioneering service can impact a more sustainability production process. The main benefits are said to be threefold :

·                Enhanced Waste Management Practices: By adopting precise measurement protocols, the fibo Collect service significantly curtails production waste. This approach stands in stark contrast to the conventional on-site self-mixing methods, which frequently result in excess orders. Through meticulous weighing, the initiative ensures materials are utilised more efficiently, leading to a substantial reduction in waste.

·                Optimisation of Transport Routes: Situated in the strategically accessible locations of Building Supply businesses the solution has the power to significantly decrease the travel distance for material procurement. This not only lessens the carbon emissions from transport but also minimises the need for heavy-duty delivery vehicles on our roads.

·                Advancing Water Sustainability Goals: With the integration of fibo Collect's leading-edge water recycling and self-cleaning systems, the service advances water conservation efforts within the manufacturing process.

In summary, as we reflect on the past year, it’s clear that this trailblazing Click & Collect service stands out not just for its convenience but also its potential for more environmentally friendly benefits. This presents a compelling case for businesses aiming to adopt more sustainable practices within their operations.

Looking Forward: Innovations on the Horizon

As fibo Collect advances into its second year, the vision is clear - to not only refine the platform but also to chart new territories in product development. This pursuit of excellence is grounded in a dynamic and agile approach from the manufacturer that values feedback, fuelling several pivotal enhancements already introduced to support building supply sector.

Among recent innovations was the recent development of the bulk bag unloading system designed for companies who do not have loose bays. Another important addition has been the inliner solution which allows companies to broaden their fibo Collect service range by selling loose aggregates through the same touch screen terminal.

In May 2024, fibo Collect is set to host its first official UK & Ireland customer conference. This landmark event promises to be a crucible for forward-thinking advancements in the sector, setting the stage for a new epoch in digital and sustainable practices. Builders' merchants and their clients stand on the brink of an era defined by smarter, greener, and more efficient building supply solutions, all thanks to pioneering initiatives like fibo Collect.

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