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Exhibitor Spotlight: Redheat Solutions

14 May 2019

Introduce your company

Redheat Solutions is a small team of technology enthusiasts dedicated to providing ways of reducing the carbon footprint & cost of heating homes and businesses. Our heating solutions help clients to move away from Gas and, working with sister company Daylight Energy, we can offer complete off-grid, 100% renewable energy solutions.

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Talk us through your latest innovations

Our main product is a 0.5mm thick infrared heating film that can be installed on floors, walls or ceilings, underneath plaster, wallpaper, paint, tiles, carpet, vinyl, floor flooring, laminate, etc. This Redheat film can be used as a complete heating solution, eliminating the need for radiators and associated pipework.

The design of this infrared heat matting means that it is very energy efficient, and quick & easy to install in new builds and refurbishment projects. Redheat has been installed in homes, offices, industrial units and even a yoga studio and is currently being tested as a solution for hotel bedrooms.

FAR Infrared radiation works by heating the objects and people in the room, not just the surface it is in/on and the surrounding air. This radiation is the same as the warmth that you feel on your skin in the sun, even if it is a cool day and is associated with many health benefits, including improving blood circulation and oxygen content.

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What makes your products/services stand out from the competition?

Other than the 0.5mm thinness of the material and the flexible installation options this provides, what makes Redheat special is the unique compound mix used within the film. This combination of carbon, graphite and graphene covering 100% of the film makes it highly efficient, only using about 60w of energy per linear metre, per hour. This efficiency means that, unlike wired or wet underfloor heating, 100% floor coverage is not needed to reach a comfortable room temperature.

The design of this film makes it virtually invisible underneath carpet, plaster or wallpaper. Pressure on the film from flat-bottomed furniture does not affect the performance or create any safety hazards. The film can also be cut into, providing much more flexibility for siting switches, sockets, light fitting’s etc. 

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What can visitors expect to see on your stand?

We are excited to invite UKCW visitors to our stand to experience Redheat for themselves. We have a working 3D display showing Redheat underneath carpet, tiles and wallpaper, along with samples of the film for visitors to feel for themselves.

Product developer and MD David Humphriss will be there to fully explain the Redheat product and answer any questions visitors might have. We look forward to discussing potential solutions on individual projects for Redheat, alongside associated renewable energy solutions if required. 

Who do you hope to meet at UKCW 2019?

We are delighted to be spreading the word about this unique product at UK Construction Week 2019. We look forward to talking to everyone who has an interest in the heating solutions of the future, how we can move away from our reliance on gas or just reduce our impact on the planet and our energy costs, from heating homes and businesses. Redheat is a great solution for new build homes and businesses, as well as refurbishment or extension projects.

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What challenges does the industry face, and what can be done to counter them?

We see the biggest challenge faced by the heating industry, and actually many industries, is how we can continue to meet the most essential needs of the population (heat, light, food, shelter…), without destroying the planet for future generations.

The current thinking in the heating industry, and from the government, is that we should move away from gas central heating, but this needs to be in a way that is sustainable for the future but also economical and efficient. Electric heating can certainly help with this. Unfortunately, the low cost of gas compared to the electric does not help with this shift, especially where investment in the installation of new technology is involved.

We believe that Redheat can help solve this challenge by being a complete, low energy use, electric heating system that is easy and low-cost to run and install. We’re on a mission to spread the word about this solution and are also working to prove its efficiency through scientific testing at a leading UK University.

How do you see the construction industry evolving over the next decade?

The feeling that we got from attending Futurebuild 2019 is that the construction industry has a growing conscience for its impact on the planet. There is a huge network of groups sharing and discussing how construction can meet the needs of a growing population, but in a way that is much less impactful on the planet for future generations.

We feel that how much this trend continues and grows over the next decade will depend on Government advice and regulation for the construction industry. By the Government recognising, accepting and encouraging the use of more sustainable construction methods (including implementing systems that reduce the environmental impact of running that home or business), a much more sustainable construction industry can be achieved.

Visit Redheat Solution's website to find out more. 

Learn more about Redheat and book a meeting with them at the show.

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