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Eiffage Génie Civil: Grand Paris Express Line 15

One of the largest transport projects in Europe, the Grand Paris Express Line 15 helped to reduce pollution, improve traffic, and expand the metropolis. With Novade, Eiffage Génie Civil was able to centralise data and improve site productivity despite the scale of the project.

A simple transition from recording data with paper and pen to a mobile application resulted in many significant changes in the workflow. Some were obvious: becoming more environmentally friendly, saving on storage space for documents, and moving from manual to automated processes. But there were other covert benefits too, such as: reducing administrative work to fill in multiple forms, having simple and clear audit trails, and reducing the impact of lost forms.

Environmental quality coordinator Guilherm Flechais, one of the 120 Novade users on-site, commented, “Real-time digital inputs prevent me from losing information and saves me a lot of time compared to before.” To this day, over 14,400 digital forms have been completed in real time by teams across multiple locations.

Monitoring site information in real time is now a reality. Novade’s construction app can be installed on any mobile device, giving site managers the unprecedented ability to reach and be reached by workers on-site. With live information at their disposal, management always has its finger on the pulse of information. 

Quality manager Philippe Lepercq commented, “Novade’s idea to modernise the level of site quality control allows me to track quality progress on the field in real time.”

He added that before using Novade, duplicating files was an arduous process as they were filed chronologically. But now, the information is available just a click away.

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