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DuraPost Partners with Hedgehog Street to Tackle Decline in Hedgehog Population

The hedgehog population in the UK is declining at a worrying rate. Wildlife charities People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) recently published a report which revealed that hedgehog populations have plummeted by between 30% to 75% in rural areas since 2000, with the largest declines in eastern England. This report is based on almost 40 years of data and found that hedgehogs have suffered a long historic decline in the UK, but what’s becoming apparent is the vast differences between rural and urban populations, with urban hedgehog population numbers appearing to have stabilised.

In order to combat this decline, experts from Hedgehog Street (a joint campaign run by BHPS and PTES) suggest focusing on maintaining and improving suitable habitats for hedgehogs living in urban and suburban environments, as well as restoring the balance between our human-centric world and the natural world all around us.

Allowing hedgehogs to move freely between gardens (to find food, shelter and mates) is one way to combat this problem, and innovative fencing specialist, Birkdale has created a savvy solution to the UK’s rural hedgehog crisis - The Hedgehog Hole! A sustainable addition to the company’s popular DuraPost range. 

With the DuraPost Hedgehog Hole, most gardens can be part of the solution. This handy little device allows hedgehogs and other wildlife to move freely through a garden while maintaining security for the homeowner.

The DuraPost Hedgehog Hole has a powder-coated finish to match the DuraPost colour range. It is made from recycled steel and fits snugly between the end of a DuraPost fence post and a gravel board. The square opening in the base of a fence bay allows hedgehogs to pass through without any hassle or hindrance to the homeowner or the hedgehog.

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