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Diving into ToughCAD...

ToughCAD has been regarded as a leader in it field!

High preforming, waterproof and robust – ToughCAD, indestructible plans are the perfect addition to any project. Due to our durable material, our products are designed to last and therefore create less waste. Originally, paper plans would get destroyed or damaged when on an active construction site, requiring the need for site plans to be continuously re-placed, creating addition cost and waste – This gives a solution to cost, and time being taken up with the requirement of site plans being re-printed and re-distributed.

ToughCAD is available in A0, A1, A2, A3 and comes with a choice of arriving with or without eyelets for your convenience. ToughCAD is multi-functional with the material being compatible with whiteboard makers – Perfect for changes in traffic management or other important functions.

In recent studies, we have found that purchasing a ToughCAD plan is in fact cheaper then purchasing paper! We found that 100% of companies we investigated (From Page 1 of Google) were applying hidden costs as a ‘supplement payment’ before checkout, bumping up what originally seemed like ‘good deal’ to nearly £20 for a single sheet of A1 paper, and £30 for laminated! ToughCAD has 0 hidden costs and prices start from £2.90! with a next working day delivery option for a speedy turnaround! 

At ToughCAD, in addition to creating a high-performance product, we’re proud to say sustainability has been at our core since we first created our product. We have taken multiple steps to make our business as sustainable as we can in every aspect possible.

The specific grade, volume and production output have been considered when finding a way to divert ToughCAD waste away from landfill. In response to this, and to identify the most efficient solution for recycling, we have teamed up with Prismm Environmental to ensure ToughCAD is recycled into things such as Traffic Cones, Sleeping Policemen and Barrier Weights.

We are well on our journey to becoming as sustainable as we can and meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance. We are always open to hearing new ideas and if you would like to get in touch with us or have any questions, please email us at

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