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Digital road construction

20 Dec 2021
Mobile road construction
Digital road construction

 In two projects completed at the end of 2021, a total of 18,000 tons of asphalt were laid in accordance with German quality regulations (QSBW 4.0) using Q Point's solutions.

Q Site ensured that the digital delivery note data was made available to all process participants in a user-specific form and live from the time of weighing. Thus, the display of the live delivery (e.g. 10 loads with a total of 242.70 t) provided the foreman with a very well-founded basis for decision-making in order to adjust the paver speed for continuous asphalt paving - an essential criterion for an optimum pavement. In addition, downtimes of the paving train could be reduced, thus saving costs.

High-quality and resource-saving road construction are the hallmarks of LEONHARD WEISS. With Q Point, the construction company has found a partner who accompanies it on this path with its digital solutions.

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