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Designing creative and intelligent solutions for leading housebuilders

30 Aug 2022
Our house builder client has been building new homes for over 50 years and is firmly established as a leading developer, with a passion for not just building homes but creating vibrant sustainable communities.

With five regional offices and a central Head Office, they have an average of 70 live developments at any one time, all requiring their own marketing materials tailored to the region and developments.

Project requirements:

When the house builder client approached Cubiquity and Bigkid they had several challenges with both brand and cost management. The root of these issues stemmed from:

• Regions tailoring branding and collateral to their local market requirements, deviating from the core identity and company heritage

• All regions having their own design agencies and printers, meaning duplication of costs and effort which were hard to manage, as well as creating brand inconsistencies

How Cubiquity and Bigkid helped:

Working together, Cubiquity and Bigkid were able to provide an end-to-end service; from building strong relationships with all stakeholders to help guide the change, to intelligent designs addressing branding challenges, through to flexible procurement and delivery solutions; all brought together to help them manage costs and ensure consistent quality.

By collaborating, we developed a best practice process across the design, ordering and delivery workflow; supported by an interactive briefing document, an online order management portal, and a clear, consistent set of design guidelines.

The transition of the design and buying process, from multiple suppliers across five regional offices, was completed in just three months. The new process has already saved our house builder client an estimated 60% on their previous brochure production spend alone.

Key successes:

• More than 50% reduction in overall costs per development, through improved designs and centralised brand and order management

• Consistency of brand and quality, from template artwork delivered by one creative team through to single supplier of print and production

• Tighter cost management, with transparent reporting and a single, fixed price production cost for every brochure pack

• Providing all offices with access to a centrally managed portal which controls order quantities and content tailoring

• The consolidation of marketing collateral and content through clever designs, providing generic material which can be tailored.

• Creating cost efficiencies through mass ordering of generic materials whilst giving regional offices control over their individual development spend

• The reduction of administration work and costs by eliminating the need for multiple expense submissions from different team members and invoices from multiple suppliers

• Freeing regional teams to spend time refining their strategy and research because they were no longer having to focus on smaller branding and supplier tasks

• Sourcing 100% recyclable paper to support their CSR ambitions, with Bigkid providing alternative designs to remove the need for lamination, foils and binding

Some of the solutions provided by Bigkid and Cubiquity:

• CGI’s

• Development plans and site maps

• Brochure packs

• House and Apartment type inserts

• Local area brochures

• Specification sheets

• Web assets for designs and TV monitors

• Dedicated, tone of voice, writing team

• Homeowner’s Guide and box

• Office refurb support with pictures of developments, Foamex, signage, way finding materials

Moving forward, together:

Being proactive partners there are still even more successes and improvements to come from this growing relationship. For example, because we can build a picture of historical ordering patterns and stock management data,

Cubiquity can further increase efficiencies by developing a print on demand option; ultimately reducing costs for the client. In addition, because Cubiquity are procurement experts, supported by Bigkid’s branding expertise, the range of items available to order is expanding; ensuring continued brand consistency and further enhancing their customers experience at every touchpoint.

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