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DART Premium 8% Cobalt Bi-Metal Holesaw

29 Jul 2019
Gemma Cowley
DART Premium 8% Cobalt Bi-Metal Holesaw
What makes a DART Premium 8% Cobalt Bi-metal Holesaw your better option?

DART Premium 8% Cobalt Holesaw outperforms other leading brands by up to 3 times. It has a proven track record of durability and performance.

So what makes it a stunner in the holesaw world?  The 8% cobalt provides extreme resistance and long life (especially in stainless steel). The high percentage of cobalt also provides enhanced heat resistance. The variable pitch and precision teeth allow for aggressive material penetration and better swarf clearance whilst leaving behind a smooth, clean cut hole. The precise, durable holesaw is there to give you the better choice. If it’s the bit that does the hard bit, then add the right bit.

Multi-material Holesaw. The DART Premium 8% Cobalt Holesaw is also able to cut through a wide range of materials – making it the ultimate multi-material holesaw that will cut through thin and thick gauge materials up to 38mm. It is suitable for cutting, aluminium, metal, sheet metal, mild steel, steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, hard wood, soft wood, wood with nails, plastic, chipboard, mdf and plasterboard. And this list is not exhaustive. This holesaw will make your tool work harder.

Sizing Range. As well as a quality product you get the added bonus of being able to choose from a wide range of sizes. In fact, with 65 sizes from 14mm – 210mm, it’s the largest range in the industry.

Pricing. What’s more, DART holesaws are not high priced, they are affordable and represent extreme value for money. Why not find a distributor online, and check out the great prices.

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