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30 Sep 2019
Window lifts improve the working environment and efficiency
A small machine – makes a big difference

The project contains no less than 489 windows spread over 12 floors, and carpenter ChristianThorhauge is one of the more experienced employees on the team.

Christian uses a small Smart Lift inside one of the apartments, which is being completed with windows, floors, partitions and kitchen. During the construction there is not much room to manoeuvre around in hallways and rooms, so it is important that the lift is compact and can manoeuvre in a very limited space.
– I've been using the lift for almost 6 months and it was easy to
operate from the start, says Christian, as he prepares to insert the next window in an apartment overlooking sunny Limfjord in Aalborg.
– Right now, I'm working alone with the installation of windows, weighing up to 175 kg, while the other colleagues are in the other apartments. I'm completely free from heavy lifting during the assembly and can manage to install up to 16 windows in a day, while the contract is for 8 windows, continues Christian Thorhauge

Expensive alternative –
use of a crane
The option to use a window lift may be to hire a truck crane to install the individual windows on the floors.
Example: 80 tonne truck crane vs. Smart Lift 208
10 storey apartment building with 400 windows
With a calculated contract of 10-12 windows installed per day, it means that a truck crane will need approx. 40 working days or approx. 296 hours to complete the assignment.
The hourly price for the truck crane is 1100 DKK (including operator), and thus they run up to, as a total cost of the crane, 176,000 DKK per month (37 hours/week - provided that wind and weather do not delay the crane's work).
A small Smart Lift can mount the windows from the inside and complete up to 16 windows in one day*, for a fixed monthly leasing price of 1700 DKK . This means that the project can both be completed faster and the purchase of a small Smart Lift pays off in just one month.

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