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Construction documentation with DIGIBAU 360

The software company Open Experience, based in Karlsruhe, is know for their extensive range of software solutions for mobile construction documentation with which they have already supported a large customer base in digitizing their building construction. As the next step, Open Experience is revolutionising the digital construction documentation space with their self-developed product DIGIBAU, a helmet attachment used for capturing 360° images. Following the first successful deployments on large construction sites, DIGIBAU has its customers excited. Given its many positive reviews, the company is pleased to have achieved a milestone in 360° construction documentation. The helmet attachment DIGIBAU does not only stand out because of its bright orange appearance, but also because of its simple design which does not compromise on any technical features. The products weight has been minimised to make it hardly noticeable when wearing on the helmet. The innovative product has two camera modules with wide-angle lenses to capture 360° images, 6 powerLEDs for lighting and a powerful processor integrated in its compact design. The cabling for the attachment runs down the back to a replaceable battery module worn on the belt. This makes it non-disruptive and provides high mobility to the user. DIGIBAU is controlled via the DIGIBAU app designed by the professional software developers at Open Experience, which allows for images to be taken at predefined locations in the construction plan. Capturing 360° images to document the construction progress has never been this easy, it requires no technical know-how and can be done at any time and anywhere, even offline. A major advantage of DIGIBAU is the virtual tour of the construction site through the 3D representation of the images. It is also possible to travel through time with the complete history of captures of a location. Furthermore, DIGIBAU supports a complete construction plan overview in which the captured images are displayed and new 360° images can be taken. Open Experience benefits from the perfect integration of its own services Construction defectsand Construction photos. With the product DIGIBAU the company based in Karlsruhe has proactively responded to the digital transformation and has achieved a milestone towards complete 360° construction documentation. Open Experience has always been innovation-driven and has set as its goal the complete digital control of construction sites – with DIGIBAU, it is one step closer to its goal.

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