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Green light for new starter homes
This year will see the first starter homes being built on brownfield sites across the country, housing minister Gavin Barwell confirmed today in the government’s second major housing announcement in a week, following their earlier unveiling of garden village sites.
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Garden villages to generate homes
The first ever garden villages of between 1,500 and 10,000 homes could deliver more than 48,000 homes. The sites, which include 14 new garden villages, located from Devon to Cumbria, will have access to a £6m fund over the next two financial years to support the delivery of the new projects. Read the full article here.

nathanA constructive start to 2017.
Nathan Garnett, Event Director at UK Construction Week, on why the New Year has started with a bang for UK construction. "After the doom, gloom and uncertainty of 2016, it’s fair to say the New Year has started with something of a bang for UK construction. Read the full article here. 

Timber rev

Construction’s 'timber revolution'
Architects are taking more and more frequently to timber to construct houses and apartment blocks. Some say it's the solution to the global housing crisis. Read the full article here. 


Renewables cheaper than fossil fuels
Solar and wind is now either the same price or cheaper than new fossil fuel capacity in more than 30 countries, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum. Read the full article here


3d3D scans to become computer games
Detailed 3D scans of the Forth Bridge will form the basis for interactive games promoting construction as a career for school children. Scanning has been underway since 2015 amassing a data-cloud of billions of dimensionally accurate points on the structures of the Forth Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and the partially built Queensferry Crossing. Read the full article here


christmas dayThe UK’s Renewables Powered Xmas
More than 40 percent of the UK’s electricity was generated by renewable sources on Xmas day 2016. According to figures released by power company Drax, renewables generation was up 63 percent on the same day in 2015, which saw 25 percent of British energy generated by green sources.
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CarWorld’s fastest electric car unveiled
Start-up Faraday Future has unveiled a self-driving electric car that it says can accelerate from zero to 60mph (97km/h) in 2.39 seconds. Faraday says the FF91 accelerates faster than Tesla's Model S or any other electric car in production.  Read the full article

LG FridgeLG fridge powered by Amazon's Alexa
The inclusion of the virtual assistant allows the device to be told to play music and buy goods via voice command. The Smart InstaView also has a 29in (73.7cm) touchscreen that can reveal what is inside and warn if products are near their expiration dates. Read the full article here


legoLego kit to help children code
Lego has announced a kit for building and programming robots, designed to encourage a younger generation to learn how to code, at this year's CES tech conference. Developed for children aged seven and older, the Lego Boost kit allows users to assemble moving toys from a range of programmable elements and the Danish company's iconic plastic bricks. Read the full article


buildings10 of the best for 2017
The best buildings set to complete in 2017, selected by Dezeen editor Amy Frearson. Read the full article here



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