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Architecture studio Penda has teamed up with engineering firm Arup to design a bridge made up of overlapping rings for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Designed to span the Gui River, the bridge will create a new direct route between central Beijing and Zhangjiakou, a district to the northwest of the city where many outdoor competitions will take place during the games.


Its unusual structure, made up of six overlapping rings, is intended to reference the five rings that make up the Olympic logo.

But viewed side on, it is meant to look like a trio of mountains. This led to the name San Shan Bridge, which translates as Three Mountains Bridge.

"The formal inspiration for the San Shan Bridge is a conjunction of its undulating surrounding and the meaning of the Olympic symbol," explained Penda, which is led by architects Chris Precht and Dayong Sun.

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"The bridge forms an inviting sculpture to a more mountainous scenery on the way to Zhangjiakou," added the studio.

"Entering the rings on the way to the Olympic competitions should be seen as an contextual icon for the games."

Penda and Arup worked together to design a double-helix framework to support the structure's 452-metre-long deck.
Source: Dezeen

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