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HS2 changes direction to save £1bn
HS2 bosses have revealed a new route through South Yorkshire and confirmed plans to scrap Meadowhall station in favour of Sheffield city centre. The newly proposed route would cut journey times to Leeds, York and Newcastle and bring big cost savings for the £21bn phase 2 project. Read more via Construction Enquirer

CLTCould Timber solve the housing crisis?
30% faster than conventional construction, 20% lighter than concrete and made from renewables, CLT could be the answer to housing demands. Exposed wood in buildings has been shown not only to reduce blood pressure and stress levels but also improves air quality through humidity moderation.
Read more via the Guardian

HandsEngineers unite to protect industry
Britain's engineering organisations unite to a near-unprecedented level to advise the government on the best action to take to protect the industry post Brexit. All of the 38 institutions representing the various engineering disciplines have agreed to provide evidence-based advice to ensure the needs of all sectors that have a dependence on engineering are represented and understood.  Read more via The Engineer

solar power1

UK solar sets new record
The UK solar industry set a new record in electricity generation as it celebrates its third Solar Independence Day. The Solar Trade Association are keen to raise awareness of the fact that good quality operation and maintenance (O&M) of commercial solar rooftops and solar farms is essential to ensuring their performance, longevity and safe working condition. Read more via Renewable Energy Focus

LaserLaser mapping to make city models
The Environment Agency is releasing 175,000 square kilometres of “raw” laser mapping data that can help build better city models. Three-dimensional ‘point cloud’ data is now being made freely available for any use and can help to build highly-detailed models of urban environments. Read more via UK Construction Media

KitchenworktopThe most important tool in the kitchen
Caesarstone CEO Yos Shiran reveals how the company develops new countertop products in this exclusive video produced for the brand. Founded in 1987, Caesarstone is an international manufacturer of quartz surfaces. The company produces hard-wearing, non-porous kitchen countertops by combining powdered quartz mineral with a polymer binder. Read more via Dezeen

3D China3D printing breakthrough in China
Beijing company completes 3D printed house strong enough to withstand an earthquake. The technology typically uses a digital process to produce an object as a single finished product by creating ‘layers’ of material.
Read more via Tech Exec

Solar roadSolar roads set for Route 66
Missouri agrees to have Solar Roadways installed at the Historic Route 66 in Conway. Each tile combines a solar cell with LED lighting, a heating element and tempered glass that's strong enough to support the weight of a semi-trailer truck.
Read more via Engadget UK

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