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Game adds BIM to Minecraft
BeIMCraft aims to engage the next generation of construction professionals by mirroring aspects of real world practice and reflect the BIM workflow. While the game includes a range of constraints that reflect the complexity of the construction industry, the game play itself is not complex and the feedback is that it’s merely another game play, which players can and do adapt to playing very quickly. Read more via CIOB

OilHeating oil is cheapest form of energy
The Trade association for the Heating Oil Distribution industry, Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) is pleased to announce that heating oil is the cheapest form of energy for 12 months on the run.
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Army2CIOB's helping hand
CIOB has created a clear route into membership for those with military experience as an industry initiative to increase recruitment into the construction sector.  Read more via UK Construction Media

RIBARIBA reveals National Awards list
A grass-roofed children's hospital, an abbey, and a "tranquil" motorway services have been honoured by the Royal Institute of British Architects. Gloucester Services, Liverpool's Alder Hey Hospital and Stanbrook Abbey near York were three of 46 projects named on the 2016 Riba National Awards list. Read more via BBC news

Chickenrun copyChicken's electric litter
A new biogas plant in Ballymena, Northern Ireland will use chicken litter to generate enough low-carbon electricity to power 4,000 homes. Stream BioEnergy and Xergi claim the new process is the first to run biogas plants using only chicken litter as feedstock, which can usually only be used in small quantities along with other feedstocks to produce biogas. Read more via Business Green


OperaSetting the scene for Opera
A golden pyramid and a suspended rock face features on the new stage of English's National Opera show, Tristan and Isolde designed by Anish Kapoor. The artist – whose ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture in London reopens this week with an added 178-metre-long slide – designed a set that changes for each of the three acts. Read more via Dezeen


TimberFloating peacefully in Zurich
Studio Tom Emerson collaborated with over thirty architecture students from ETH Zurich to create a prefabricated timber island in Lake Zurich to give visitors the chance to swim, meet, watch films and even drink at a bar.
Read more via Inhabitat

solarcellsSolar thinner than human hair
Scientists in South Korea have made ultra-thin solar cells flexible enough to wrap around an average pencil. The panels, developed by a team of researchers in South Korea, are just a single micrometre across – much thinner than the average human hair or a coat of paint, which are both typically about 100 micrometres.
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