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58% of subbies are likely to vote out
UKCW presented EU REF results at Grimshaw Architects’ head office in London hosted by Brian Kilkelly, Development Lead of Climate KIC and Founder of World Cities Network. The event was framed by the findings of UK Construction Week’s EU Referendum survey, which received over 3,000 respondents – representing the most comprehensive canvas of opinion within the sector on the EU vote. Read the full article here.

OffsitePicking up the pieces with offsite
Hard-pressed builders can overcome skills and materials shortages by making more use of offsite construction methods. House builders can cut the build time for a new home by nine weeks using timber systems and offsite construction. Read more via Builder and Engineer

VirtualVirtual reality's next step to construct
CIOB and BRE recently welcomed futuristic ideas to implement the planning process of construction at their recent 'Accelerate to Innovate' event. The event held in April showcased two products using Virtual Reality that can be used to help improve safety on construction sites as well as possibly help in the training of high risk situations. Read more via Construction Manager

ManureWaste to power homes in north
A renewable energy plant which will use manure to produce enough power for around 2,200 homes looks set to be built on land north of Grantham. The biogas anaerobic digester plant would cover 13 acres and every year would process 55,000 tonnes of manure slurry and purpose grown energy crops to produce renewable energy. Read more via Lincolnshire Echo

ConcreteSea shells to inspire new concrete
Sea shells and bone could inspire stronger, longer-lasting concrete according to an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) study. Researchers noted that naturally occurring structures like shells are exceptionally strong because of the way they are arranged at both the microscopic level as well as the ‘macro’ (visual) level. Read more via National Post  


GantryNew superspan gantries arrive on M62
Over June, three giant overhead gantries will be installed by contractors for Highways England, which will carry messages and variable speed limit signs. The gantries will be erected across the M62, between junction 10 at Heywood and junction 20 at Rochdale, spanning both the eastbound and westbound carriages of the motorway. Read more via UK Construction Media


SmartSmart home can save you big money
Reports from Faaunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy states Home automation could reduce home energy consumption by as much as 10%. The great news is that you don’t have to pull up the floorboards, re-wire the house or bring in the builders to equip your home with some smart IoT solutions.
Read more via Live Smart


TunnelWorld's longest tunnel opens
The world's longest and deepest rail tunnel has officially opened in Switzerland, after almost two decades of construction work. The 57km (35-mile) twin-bore Gotthard base tunnel will provide a high-speed rail link under the Swiss Alps between northern and southern Europe. Read more via BBC news




Kenya's cool new house
Developers in Kenya have begun building houses from polystyrene to offer residents better protection from the hot sub-Saharan sun. The unusual construction technology is gaining a foothold in Kenya’s fast-expanding housing sector, according to Reuters, with experts saying the approach is cool, cheap and environmentally friendly. Read more via Global Construction Review

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