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Housing solution

An affordable solution for UK’s housing crisis
Utilising the space above car parks could provide an easily implementable solution to the UK’s housing crisis. A ZEDpod is an affordable starter home, which clusters to create a pop up village - providing homes that require no land (just air rights over existing parking lots) and have the potential for no net annual energy bills.
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Offsite construction ChinaBristol hotel made in China
A new hotel at Bristol airport has been built in China and shipped to the UK in boxes. The Hampton by Hilton hotel is being built by CIMC Modular Building Systems. CIMC Modular Building Systems global head Karen Liu said: “This is a key milestone in the ongoing relationship with Hilton Worldwide and the first of a number of Hilton hotels CIMC will build in 2016.” Read more via Construction Index


Buzz60 ECAECA back UK Construction Week for 2016
The Electrical Contractor's Association will be partnering this year's UK Construction Week with a firm focus on Energy and Smart Buildings 2016. “As the main trade body for businesses involved in electronic installations and electrical engineering across the entire building services industry, the ECA is excited to be one of the official event partners of UK Construction Week 2016.” Read more here


Buzz60 story4Gaming and virtual reality – the future of construction training
UK Construction Week’s media partners - BRE, CIOB and Construction Manager, aim to find some of the brightest minds and newest ideas in the sector through gaming and virtual reality. The University of New South Wales has come up with the Situation Engine, which applies advanced video game technology to drive change in on-site health and safety behaviour through a virtual personal experience. Read more via Construction Manager


Smart home connectivityThe Smart Home is Listening — and Talking
Have you talked to your home lately? Today, it may be ready to talk to you. An increasing number of consumer products now have voice command capabilities, ranging from streaming media players to smart home products. Products like Apple’s Siri and Amazon Echo have captured the attention of consumers and are helping to drive consumer interest in chatting with devices. Read more via Hidden Wires


Government energy challengesHow the Government can tackle its toughest energy challenges
Dr Neil Watson, Global Technical Director at ADEY, offers Westminster’s policy makers some practical solutions to help Government overcome some of its toughest challenges. In a typical UK household, more than half the money spent on annual energy bills goes towards heating and hot water according to the Energy Savings Trust. Read more via Installer Online


DeWalt launch smart phone7 Construction giant Dewalt unveils smartphone
Construction giant Dewalt has entered the smartphone market with a tough Android-powered handset designed for building industry workers. The £379 device is designed to survive a 2m drop on to concrete and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20C to 60C. To be certified as a "tough phone", handsets have to undergo more rigorous physical tests, including being subjected to tumbling for long periods of time. Read more via the BBC


Manchester towersPlan submitted for Manchester’s tallest tower
Plans have been lodged with Manchester’s town hall for a cluster of four residential towers that would transform the city’s skyline. The four towers will range from 37 storeys to 64 storeys high, overshadowing Manchester’s present tallest building the Beetham Tower at 47 storeys. Read more via Construction Enquirer


sponge like interior“Sponge-like” interior
Spanish architect Fernando Menis has created a concert hall with a “sponge-like” interior and movable fixtures that can be manipulated to fine tune the building’s acoustics. The CKK Jordanki hall features a “picado” interior – meaning chopped in Spanish – which can contract and expand, and magnifies the high frequencies associated with classical music. Read more via Global Construction Review


Building with mushroomsMushrooms as building materials
In an innovative design project, six new stylish benches have been installed outside the UBC Bookstore. Assembled from light-coloured honeycomb-shaped bricks under a top of clear acrylic, the seats are more than an eye-catching spot where students can relax—they're also very much alive, grown from a blend of oyster mushroom spores and alder sawdust packed into moulds. Read more via



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