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Cheese to heat UK homes
A Government-backed green energy plant in Cumbria will start producing gas from cheddar manufacturing waste next month. Whey and other residue from cheese production at the Lake District Creamery will be processed into biogas and fed in the gas grid, and the company will receive millions of pounds in subsidies for doing so.
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ProspectsStrong development pipeline shows brighter prospects for construction
Recent findings from UKCW Knowledge Partner Glenigan show that the value of work starting on site in the three months to March was up 5% up in the preceding quarter.Although starts were 13% lower than a year ago, research by the analyst shows that the industry is stabilising. Read more via UK Construction Media

HS2HS2 reveals details for Supply Chain Roadshows
The firm will visit 11 regions across Britain to meet businesses and advise how to successfully bid for billions of pounds worth of HS2 contracts. Beth West, HSE Ltd Commercial Director said: “Building HS2 is a massive long-term project, one that offers a huge opportunity for British businesses to bid for billions of pounds worth of contracts. To construct HS2 and bring it to life will require a vast range of skills and expertise."
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TimberskyscraperTimber skyscraper could be added to London’s skyline
Proposals for a 300-metre high wooden skyscraper in London has been put forward for consideration by a team of architecture researchers. The researchers whose project is supported by PLP Architecture and Smith and Wallwork said that, when compared to materials such as steel and concrete, timber is cheaper and lighter.
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railwayHousing boost from railway land up for grabs
Government is urging local authorities to come forward to take advantage of a new scheme aimed at freeing up railway land for housing development. This latest move to boost housebuilding comes with an agreement signed between Network Rail and the Homes & Communities Agency to push forward with development of redundant land beside railway stations. Read more via Infrastructure Intelligence

SmarthomeIs technology the solution to dream homes?
Find out how WikiHouse Founder, Alastair Parvin, believes digital technology could transform the way we design and build our homes. Others are thinking, not about designing new homes but making the most out of the ones we have - which in urban areas, often means tiny apartments. Read more via BBC news

RainSolar cell to generate power from rain
The all-weather solar panels that can create electricity from light on sunny days and rain on cloudy days could be the perfect renewable solution for homes. The all-weather solar panels have a top layer made from "electron-enriched graphene" that reacts with ions in the rain to generate energy. Read more via the Telegraph

StairsMVRDV creates eye catching staircase in Rotterdam
The arrival of The Stairs follows the Rotterdam tradition of celebrating reconstruction milestones. The Stairs will be officially opened on 16th May by Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and will remain open until 12th June.
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LegoArchitectural wonders in LEGO®
Adam Tucker has built architectural wonders like the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building and the Burj Khalifa. In a new exhibition at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, he can add more than a dozen engineering marvels to his resume, including the Hoover Dam, the International Space Station, and the Roman Colosseum. Read more via Citylab




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