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Construction Sector Deal2

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The government is finally releasing further details of its construction sector deal which was launched last November.

Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark will unveil the £420m “bytes and mortar” construction revolution in Newcastle today.

The initiative aims “to transform construction through use of digital building design, new manufacturing technologies and offsite manufacturing helping cut the time taken to deliver new build by 50%.”

Its delayed launch in the wake of Carillion’s collapse has provided months of debate for the usual raft of construction think tanks and trade bodies.

Andrew Wolstenholme, Co-Chair of the Construction Leadership Council said: “We are an industry that must be at the forefront of the UK’s drive for future growth and prosperity – and I’m confident that this deal will help to achieve that.”

Build UK chief executive Suzannah Nichol said: “Today’s announcement sets out a bright vision for the future of UK construction along with a plan that the industry can, and should, all get behind.”

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association warned that “words must be met with action”.


Source: Construction Enquirer

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