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In a newly published report the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has outlined the steps the UK government must take to safeguard future homes and communities from the threat of flooding.

In its report, entitled The Value of Flood Resilient Architecture and Design, RIBA claims that the old methods of flood management – namely keeping water out – are no longer sufficient. Instead, the government must allow communities to assess their own flood risk. If homes and businesses can be better equipped to live alongside water, communities will be able to shore up their own defences and recover far quicker in the event of a flood.

RIBA’s report also advocates the construction of flood resilient homes and properties. It recommends that the government develop a brand new approach to decision-making and regulation around flood events, encourages innovation in flood resilience across the housing and urban design sector, and introduces specific building regulations for flood resilience and resistance – ensuring that these are adopted by any building owner exposed to flood risk.

Embedding flood resilient design will help future-proof new developments and deliver greater value for money when investments in new flood defences are made. What’s more, there’s scope for the UK to become a world leader, paving the way with innovative responses and solutions to flooding.

“In the next 30 years, the number of homes at risk of flooding is expected to double,” said RIBA President Ben Derbyshire. “Now is the time to adapt and think creatively about how to tackle this threat. The RIBA urges the Government to step up and encourage the collaboration and innovation needed to create new homes and communities that are resilient to the devastating effects of flooding.”


Source: UK Construction Online

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