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Welcome to the future of affordable-chic living.

With housing crises plaguing countries around the world, architects have taken it upon themselves to find cost-effective solutions. The most popular - and seemingly most useful - of these solutions is micro-housing.

Micro-living is exactly what it sounds like - miniature homes - that are small enough to keep the costs low but just big enough to fit amenities like kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining areas.

Architect Renato Vidal from Italy is the latest to jump on the affordable housing bandwagon with his newest design - an affordable (£24,000 or $32,810) flat pack folding home that requires only 6-7 hours to build. And while style isn’t a necessity, Vidal has managed to make these tiny homes extremely sleek looking - and eco-friendly.

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The innovative M.A.Di houses, which are made in a factory, flat-packed, and then easily transported to virtually any location “can be built without the need for it to be constructed on concrete foundations.” The best part? The assembly process requires just three people and a few hours of manual labour. And for those looking to live green, the eco-friendly house has the capacity to become “completely off-grid with solar panels, LED lighting, and grey water systems.”

Building the house is as simple as unfolding each module, pitching the roof, and adding interior walls and flooring and windows. All basic models include a bathroom, kitchen connections and technical installations, and a 60-day delivery guarantee.​

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The tiny house is available in a variety of sizes depending on budget and space needed. Currently, options range from a 290-square-foot tiny home with a one-stage staircase for £24.8K ($32.8K) to a 904-square-foot family home with a two-stage staircase that will cost you £54.9K ($72.8K).

And if you ever decide you need a change of scenery, the M.A.Di home can be easily collapsed and moved to a new location.

Source: The Independent

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