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Prefabricated houses could well be the standard for new homes in the near future, and the first prototypes of the nHouse is being designed to live up to these expectations.

These three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes can be built from scratch in just under three weeks, or 19 days to be exact.

The hi-tech homes will feature delivery drone landing pads, facial recognition technology to unlock the front door, robot vacuum cleaners and interactive bathroom mirror screens, as standard.

Its eco-friendly credentials include rainwater collecting gutters, solar roofing and a car and house battery pack.

The nHouse, minus the land, is expected to have a £195,000 price tag.


Modular homes are said to be 50 per cent more efficient to build than traditional bricks and mortar houses as they are constructed in factories from lightweight materials and put together onsite. As such they are being touted as one possible solution towards easing the housing shortage.

Billions of pounds of investment already funds the modular housing sector globally, including Legal & General spending £50m on the UK’s biggest pre-fab homes factory in the north of England.

“We are at the beginning of a revolution," says head of sales at nHouse, Nick Fulford. "Right now it’s a novelty concept that requires a lot of explaining, like the mobile phone once was.”


The nHouse
A crowdfunding campaign was launched last week to raise money to finish the prototypes of the nHouse, and the company has already reached half of its £495,000 target.

The first two protoypes are being built in Germany and Bury St Edmund.

"The UK approach and the German approach is very different and we’re fascinated to see how they compare. We then intend to create a hybrid using the best of both technologies," says architect Richard Hywel Evans.

At 100 square metres and with ceiling heights of 2.6 metres, nHouse claim their £195,000 house has 25 per cent more space than average new-build home. It also has bigger windows, so offers 20 per cent more light.

The house comes with a 10-year warranty and 50-year guarantee on core building materials. Of course, it remains to be seen if they will stand the test of time, but Fulford points to the fact that wooden houses across the globe are still standing after hundreds of years.

Buyers who are interested in buying in this way will need to source land and apply for planning permission. The nHouse is built to Builldoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) standards so securing a mortgage shouldn't be a problem.

The first sites for nHouse estates have already been identified just outside of Winchester and Plymouth. The first new homes expected to be onsite within the next year.

Source: Homes and Property

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