UKCW 2018


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The work of artist Alex Chinneck is grounded in architecture. From melting buildings to a slumping facade to a structure ripped in half and hovering, Chinneck’s work plays with the expectation of materials and tectonics, resulting in captivating mind-bending illusions. His latest work (and first permanent sculpture), Six Pins and Half a Dozen Needles, continues this exploration, taking the form of a large brick wall ripped down the center.

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Located on top of an office complex in Hammersmith in west London, the installation was constructed from more than 5,000 custom-made bricks and 1,000 stainless steel connection pieces to create a sculpture described by the artist as “cartoon-like” and “endearing.”

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“The work was conceived to engage people in a fun and uplifting way,” explains Chinneck. “I set out to create accessible artworks and I sincerely hope this becomes a popular landmark for London and positive experience for Londoners.”

Source: Arch Daily

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