UKCW 2018


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Located on a green island just a few kilometers from helsinki is the open-air museum of seurasaari, displaying the traditional finnish way of life. it features cottages, farmsteads and manors of the past four centuries that have been relocated from all around the country. this summer, the museum welcomes Y—a wooden installation created by an international team of architects and fine carpenters. measuring almost 11-meters in length, the funnel-shaped pavilion raises questions on time, knowledge and skills.

Y Pavilion Image 2

Comprised of & among others, the team aims to reveal the possibilities of wood in modern construction with the Y pavilion. it encourages cross-border collaboration between architects and carpenters with digital design and production. the temporary piece forms a new social courtyard striving visitors to stay longer in the tenant farm by altering the familiar and permanent museum environment. once inside, the visitors can play around it, adopting different positions thanks to its modular construction. the Y pavilion also aims to provide a hypnotic meditation spot from where to reflect on the changing state of time.

As the architects state, ‘tradition is born out of the continuous sharing of knowledge and skills – the conjunction of the new and the old.’

Y Pavilion Image 3

It's funnel-shape encloses visitors and encourages reflection. 

Y Pavilion Image 4

Made of timber, it mixes crafts and modern technology.

Y Pavilion Image 5

It encourages collaborations between architects and carpenters.

It is also a hypnotic meditation spot.

Y Pavilion Image 6

View from the museum’s cottages, showcasing traditional finnish ways of life.

It will be open to visitors until september 15th, 2017. 

Source: designboom

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