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Branson tops poll in Election survey
Sir Richard Branson voted best person to spearhead new infrastructure, signalling need for more entrepreneurial vision in tackling large scale projects, such as HS2 and Heathrow Airport, signalling a need for more entrepreneurial vision in tackling large scale projects.   Read the full article here.



Too smart for our own good?
Following the recent NHS cyber-attacks, Insurance broker Premier BusinessCare runs through the dos and don’ts around smart buildings technology. In a recent survey, the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) found that four in 10 buildings are at major risk from cyber attacks. Read the full article here.



Meeting the Energy Trilemma
With the UK struggling to find a secure, affordable and green energy supply, could ground source energy systems help meet the energy trilemma? Policy advisers are seeking high energy security, low carbon emissions and low prices for heating and cooling.Read the full article here. 



Tories pledge 1.5m homes by 2022
Theresa May is set to announce the target of building 1.5m homes by 2022, as the parties ramp up their supply targets. Under a pledge to “build a better Britain,” May has committed her party to creating good quality, affordable housing. Read the full article here. 



Labour to tackle affordability
The Labour party would set up a Government housing department to tackle affordability if elected, according to their recent manifesto. 'Labour will establish a new Department for Housing to focus on tackling the crisis and to ensure housing is about homes for the many.' Read the full article here


Lib Dem

Lib Dems pledge ‘use it or lose it’ powers
The Liberal Democrats would give councils “use it or lose it” powers against landbanking developers to scale up housebuilding to 300,000 homes a year. Farron said a Liberal Democrat administration would also penalise developers for land-banking. Read the full article here


Women copy

Women – construction needs you
Attempts to create a more balanced environment in construction are few and far between and the lack of women is beginning to critically impact the industry. Essentially all industries and sectors in the UK have made some strides in recent years to improve diversity. Read the full article here



Exhibitor Spotlight: Screwfix
Build Show exhibitors Screwfix on what sets them apart from the competition and what visitors can expect from their stand at UK Construction Week. Screwfix is part of Kingfisher plc, the international home improvement company, with over 1,100 stores in 10 countries in Europe, Russia and Turkey. Read the full article


Swedish copy

Nesting boxes for people
Birdhouse inspired design offers simple accommodation for people with no fear of heights. The house has three storeys and a living space of less than 50 sq m. There is a small entrance with storage, a WC with shower, a kitchen with dining area, a living room and two bedrooms. Read the full article here


Chinese copy

Kenya’s construction supermarket
Chinese firm to supply ready-made elements for residential construction in the African country. Lin called the facility a “modern building industry hub” that will carry out manufacturing, research and demonstration of construction materials. Read the full article here



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