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London’s architecture worth £1.7bn
London’s architecture sector is growing at a faster rate than the capital’s wider economy, according to new research from City Hall. A report found that in 2015 the sector produced £1.7 billion in gross value added (GVA) – a measure of the value of goods and services provided.  Read the full article here.


plastic bridge

World first bridge is plastic fantastic
The world’s first modular glass-fibre reinforced plastic bridge, 70% lighter than steel, has been launched by design consultancy Arup and bridge specialist Mabey. Mabey is the first licensed distribution partner of the post-tensioned bridge. Read the full article here.


SMART Buildings

Rise of the smart building upon us
The prevalence of smart building systems is likely to increase and become functional over the next 12 months, says a British Land report. It adds that by 2020, the physical infrastructure of an office building will be part of one complete smart system. Read the full article here. 



New prisons to create 1000s of jobs
Plans to build four new prisons that will create thousands of jobs in the construction industry have been unveiled by Justice Secretary Elizabeth Truss. Justice Secretary Liz Truss said modern jails would help cut reoffending. Read the full article here. 


Road Investment

Decisive action needed
DFT and Highways England need to take decisive action before summer to deliver best value from Road Investment Strategy, say The National Audit Office. The investment is an important step towards better long-term planning of England’s strategic road network. Read the full article here 



Mum the builder
When it comes to making vital decisions regarding building work, women are twice as likely to have the final say, according to new research by the FMB. The FMB also asked female home owners if they have ever carried out a range of basic DIY tasks around the home. Read the full article here


Tall Buildings

Lab to measure fear of tall buildings
The universities of Bath and Exeter are to investigate the impact of vibrations from tall buildings and wobbly bridges on health and well-being. Simulators will be built that recreate the experience of working in a high-rise office block, walking across a bridges or dancing in a crowded stadium. Read the full article here


Solar Panels

Record-breaking solar
New panel can convert more than a quarter of sunlight into electricity. The silicon solar cell is so efficient that it turns 26.3 per cent of the energy from the sun into renewable power. In contrast, nature’s ‘solar panels’ – leaves – have a “photosynthetic efficiency” of between three and six per cent. Read the full article



Bogotá’s first metro line
French engineer Systra chosen to deliver city’s first metro line. Systra, which has carried out several studies for the system since the late 1980s, will work with local firm Ingetec. he metro line will connect the densely populated southwest suburbs of the city with the centre. Read the full article here


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