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Located in south east england, this two-storey dwelling by Ström architects replaced a bungalow which dated back to the 1930s. the private house, named ‘woodpeckers’, is surrounded by fields and woodland, as well as a heavily-treed and well-established garden. the client — a couple involved in the design field — tasked the architects with designing a stylish weekend retreat, which would eventually become their permanent home. taking just 11 months to complete, construction work began in august 2014, with the client able to move in the following july.

strom 1

To keep costs to a minimum, and ensure a quick build time, Ström architects opted for a timber-framed structure. sitting on a piled concrete slab, the timber studwork allows large openings to establish a strong internal-external relationship — an important part of the brief. this structure is filled and over-clad with insulation, creating a thermally efficient envelope.

strom 2

Planning constraints dictated that the new home’s floor area could be just 30% larger than the previously existing bungalow, with an additional 20 square meters allocated for a conservatory. as this figure included all overhangs, the design team established that a slab-sided volume would make best use of the restrictions, pushing glazing to the outer edge of the envelope. ‘by integrating a single-storey, almost flat-roofed element, which continues out seamlessly from the main open plan space, we were able to eschew the typical aesthetic of a domestic conservatory,’ explain the architects.

Strom 3

Named ‘woodpeckers’, the private house is surrounded by fields.

Strom 4

The architects eschewed the typical aesthetic of a domestic conservatory.

Strom 5

Large openings establish a strong internal-external relationship.

Strom 6

The home’s brightly illuminated kitchen.

Strom 7

The open-plan living accommodation includes a dining and lounge area.

strom 8

The weekend retreat took just 11 months to complete.

strom 9

The building replaced a bungalow which dated back to the 1930s.

Strom 10

An external terrace allows the clients to dine outdoors.

Strom 11

The property is surrounded by trees and woodland.

Project info:

name: woodpeckers
size: 195 sqm / 2,099 sqf
construction cost: £500,000 total including landscape works (£2,500 /sqm)
dates: august 2014 – july 2015
project manager: rice projects
timber frame contractors: industree ltd
structural engineer: barton engineers
cost consultant: APS associates
photography: luke hayes

Source: Designboom

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