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New work

Construction output rises again
According to the Office of National Statistics, December saw an increase in construction output, largely due to a rise in new work. Construction output rose by 1.8% in comparison November’s figures and was up 0.6% on the same period in 2015. Read the full article here.   



Smart hard hats to monitor faConstruction output rises againtigue
Civil engineering contractor BAM Nuttall is trialling new technology to monitor tiredness levels in its construction workers. It is now being put to work on BAM Nuttall’s rail sector projects in Wales and is due to be rolled out next in Scotland. Read the full article here.



Future house design revealed
A competition to find a new design for Taylor Wimpey houses has been won by a London firm of architects that exploits offsite prefabrication. London-based Openstudio Architects has won Taylor Wimpey’s Project 2020 open design competition with its ’Infinite House’, a set of terrace housing prototypes. Read the full article here. 



Solar trains, closer than we think
UK solar developers have started to focus on ways to generate power directly for consumption, rather than exporting it to the grid. Electric trains are by far the best long distance transport mode when it comes to carbon emissions. Read the full article here. 


CLT Timber

Rise of CLT sparks training demand
New one-day course to cover everything, from applications and benefits, to member designs, stability, fire, bracing and connections. CLT has seen a rapid growth thanks in part to its visually appealing structure, built in fire resistance and fantastic green credentials. Read the full article here



Factory to revolutionise housebuilding
A new modular homes factory, opened in West Sussex by Futureform, is hoping to “revolutionise housebuilding in the UK”. The company plan to invest £5m into the factory, creating more than 300 skilled jobs and build two more assembly plants over the next two years. Read the full article here


Survey women

Only 5.2% of industry are women
The construction industry is still the leading source of self-employment in the UK accounting for nearly a million businesses. The results revealed that construction worker’s take home was on average 15% higher than that of a self-employed professional. Read the full article here



Apprenticeship project wins plaudits
A ground-breaking construction project that saw apprentices from all trades came together to build a new community centre has been recognised by winning two awards. The £260,000 building saw the housebuilder secure the ‘Community Contribution of the Year’ category. Read the full article



Pavement lights guide the way
Pavement lights have been installed at a pedestrian crossing in a Netherlands town to help smartphone users cross the road safely. The light strips are designed to catch the eye of people looking down at their device, and change colour to match traffic signals. Read the full article here



Drone taxi service set for Dubai
Driverless vehicles will be flying into action this year. as of July, autonomous passenger drones will be carrying the people of Dubai around their city. Mattar Al-Tayer—the head of Dubai’s roads & transportation agency—has announced that the Chinese model ‘ehang 184‘ will be used as a self-flying taxi. Read the full article here



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