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A new modular homes factory, opened in West Sussex by Futureform, is hoping to “revolutionise housebuilding in the UK”.

The company plan to invest £5m into the factory, creating more than 300 skilled jobs.

They also plan to build two more assembly plants over the next two years as part of a £450m development programme.

The plans will look to build 1,000 modular homes per year.

The jobs include those in the construction plants and roles such as sales and support, engineering, architecture and design, planning, construction and logistics.

Steven Barrett, CEO and managing director of Futureform, said: “We think that the opening of our new facility comes at a critical point for housebuilding in the UK.

“We believe, as the government clearly does, that the way forward is diversification of the housing market and we are delighted that they have announced their intention to promote more modular volumetric and factory built homes.

“We hope that any new measures will assist in our partnerships with local authorities and ultimately we hope that this will usher in a new era of affordable home ownership in this country as well as allowing sites to be developed more efficiently and sustainably using our market leading technology.”

Working across London and the South East, Futureform has previously completed projects including mixed residential developments, student accommodation and hotels.

All projects have used innovative volumetric modular building system capable of being used in projects of over twenty stories in height, as it was at a site next to Wembley Football Stadium.

Source: 24 Housing

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